Sep 21, 2011

wiww- thrift store finds, plus i bought a new hat :)

fall can come now, i bought a new hat :)

a big splurge at Ross for $9.99

i found out that this nail polish (mood changing polish from claires) glows under a black light..
yeah, perfectly awesome for cosmic bowling

jeremy really wanted his picture taken, too :)

 hat- ross
shirt- thrifted
jeans- dkny
sandals- kohls

and, here's one of the skirts i found while thrift store shopping:
it's totally vintage and fit perfectly w/o altering...the other two skirts i bought are waiting patiently to be altered...eventually
shirt- ross
undershirt- kohls
skirt- thrifted
necklace- andi.B's boutique
have you done any thrift store shipping lately??
xo- Danielle
pleated poppy


  1. visiting from wiww. I love your last outfit!!! I have recently thrifted 3 darling pencil skirts and love them!!!

    very sweet blog btw!

  2. too cute - love the yellow and your nailpolish!


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