Oct 12, 2011

whatcha doin? pickin potatoes?

what i wore to church:
every thing in the outfit is so OLD there's really no point in me telling you where i got 'em from ;)
had to show off my tights...don't know which i love more, my hot pink tights, or my turquoise ones

what i wore to dinner with the fam:
i thrifted this cute jacket, wish i had a better pic of it.  we are chilling at our family art gallery before eating. that is my favorite/most practical purse by timbuc2
what i wore take pics of my kiddos/ potato-diggin':
yes, i dug up potatoes in our garden in this outfit, i'm cool like that, haha. also, yes, i wore the same grey target boots ALL week... they're so comfy ;)

linking up w/ the pleated poppy here:
pleated poppy
momma go round here:
Momma Go Round

 and i just discovered this fun linky: (and by "discovered" i mean "why the heck haven't i heard of this before?!!)

 and that pretty much sums it up! :)


  1. you are sooo cute! i looove your fun skirt, friend!

  2. Love your outfits! and just came across you cute blog, and i LOVE it!! so stopping in to say hi! :)


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