Oct 27, 2011

wiww- new fall dress

went to a "tent sale" last week. it was a circus.
Down East Outfitters collected a hugenormous amount of clearance rack clothes and sold them all for $1-13.  There was a mad rush of people into the store.  They gave us all humongous bags to stuff all our goods in and I waited an hour to try on my clothes.  They had set up three little tents to try clothes on in and they had two awful fun-house style mirrors to check yourself out in.  but it was totally worth it! :)
I love this new dress.  It is made of the softest cotton!  and I love the cute ribbon/lace details.  I bought this at the big clearance sale i went to last week. $13, not bad.  it is such a pretty fall orange color!

I also bought this new sweater vest and the  grey t-shirt at this super-sale.  vest $10 shirt $3, pretty good, eh?  and i just had to pair them with my soft suede target boots that i love so much :)
me and my little Sweetie Pie

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pleated poppy
Momma Go Round


  1. beautiful - love the sunlight in these photos!

  2. Just started following you.. I absolutely love that dress!

  3. Beautiful pics! Love your style and those boots! GO you :) And also, tights on the little one! To stinkin' cute :)


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