Nov 30, 2011

what i wore- 2 favorites

my husband just bought a new camera, so new in fact, that we haven't got it in the mail yet....
and he sold his old camera to his sister.  so, we are camera-less until December 5th.  All i have is my camera phone...but i still wanted to share 2 of my favorites from my closet:
For church on Sunday I wore this shimmery dress with ruffles on the collar.  It was a Christmas present last year & it's from Downeast.  I love the champagne color and it's fancy while still being comfortable.  Definitely have to break out the spanx while wearing this dress, though ;)
also, these are the only pair of stilettos i own: black, peep toe with a bow= perfection
and here's the outfit I wore for helping out in the kids' classes and putting up the Christmas tree:
I LOVE pink yellow and grey together! and this skirt is one of my favorites because the fabric is light and sheer and I think the way it is pleated is flattering.  But, because it's so sheer I always have to wear leggings with this skirt...but that's allright in my book
skirt: thrifted
shirt: downeast
leggings: walmart
boots: target
I mostly dress for comfort, but I find wearing skirts and dresses more comfortable than pants, so that's a win-win, i guess ;)  Have a great Wednesday!

pleated poppy


  1. Very cute! Love the skirt and shoes!

  2. Love those stilettos! I wish I could walk in shoes like that!

  3. cute outfits.. love those shoes

  4. OMG your too cool! Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by and being a follower. I did the same! Can't wait to follow more!


  5. Wow! I love the first dress on you. xo


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