Nov 16, 2011

what i wore..because it's cold!

there is a beautiful time of year called autumn in northern utah..but it only lasts all of about 5 minutes.  We are feeling like winter up in here!  one thing i look forward to this time of year is pulling out my collection of vests, oh, and of course boots!

the red hoodie was vintage and old when i got it in high school..yep, been rockin that same red hoodie since i was 16!
my hubby bought me these boots for christmas 2 yrs ago, they're airwalks
the vest i bought at tj maxx about 5 yrs ago
jeans old navy (again, from years ago)

they may be older than dirt, but i feel comfy and i think it's a cute outfit!
what do you think?
xo- Danielle
pleated poppy


  1. L-O-V-E your style! I think you're gorgeous girl! ;)

  2. I need this outfit! i posted about my plaid here is the link! :)

  3. Very cute! For your WIW pics do you take the pics yourself, with a tripod? How do you do it?

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  5. Oh. I think your outfit is darling. Sometimes those items that have been in the closet are the favorites. I wore a vest last week that I bought... are your ready for it? 12 years ago. Still love it. By the way, I checked out your etsy shop. HELLO!!!! I am in love with your stuff. Christmas shopping, I think! :)


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