Nov 2, 2011

what we wore, me and the kiddos

the other day we were reminiscing and watching videos from clear back in 2006.  WAAAY back then we had a 2 year old and a baby girl....they're 5 and 7 now, and Swede, our 7 year old was getting all teary-eyed.  She wanted to be a baby again! well, we did the next bext thing...i took her on a mommy-daughter date! i'll post the date night pics tomorrow! but check out the cute boots she got!!
buy one get one half off!! sofia and swede are twinners!
I couldn't very well leave ingrid, our 5 year old, out. but she already had cute boots!  so, I took her on a date the very next day and she bought new skinny jeans and some new shirts
she has a way of making skinny jeans look really baggy ;)
so, then it was time to take hubby on a date and...yep, i took him shopping ahahahhaha :)
so, i found these booties for me at old navy for $6, had to get'em!

do you ever make your hubby go shopping with you for a date night? he was a good sport about though i think i'd be pressing my luck if i tried that again anytime soon!
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  1. Haha - my husband is actually a BIGGER shopper than me!! lol - I migrate to the infant/toddler section (such cute stuff!!) and he always laughs. "You never buy for you!" lol ;) Oh well... ;) Love your outfit and your girls are adorable!! ;)

  2. OOOH I love your outfit! SO cute especially those fuchsia tights! :) Love them


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