Nov 23, 2011

what we wore...the whole family

I used to wear glasses. all. the. time. and now i only do when i'm feeling lazy. it's the eyeball equivalent of staying in your jammies all day.
I went thrift shopping in september and found 3 can see the first here.  I finally got around to altering this gray one and this light pink one (yeah, i know, it's november...i'm a slacker).  They were both about 6 inches too long, and now they're right at the knee, whatcha think?
ya like ingrid's look of fury? ha!
feelin lovey dovey as we just got home from church
of course i have the most photos of the oldest daughter because the younger two won't stay still! and there's my handsome hubby jeremy!
a sneak peek of my new line of Sugar Blossom Boutique headbands! so feminine and ruffly! love! I will have them in my shop just in time for black friday! want to win a $20 credit to my shop?? go visit Take Heart Blog and enter to win!! (plus there's a coupon code!!)
and, of course, sofia ran inside so she could take off her cute tights asap!

and here's my other thrift store skirt find:
i love the little navy blue coat that i thrifted several yrs ago, it's super comfy and cute. i was at joann's yesterday in this outfit, waiting in line to checkout when i saw a package  that had sticky things that help keep your pants neatly tucked into your boots.  i thought, nah! i like my pants to be all wrinkled up ;)
my style has been described as "eclectic" and, yeah, I was feeling eclectic in this outfit.   I was thinking about maybe adding some ruffles or flowers to this skirt to make it more modern.  do you think it needs it??
pleated poppy


  1. Cute outfit and that headband is so to enter the giveaway!

  2. Cute Family! Love the way you have styled the skirts and those pictures almost make me miss the snow!

  3. My favorite is you with glasses on! Also Ingrid's look of fury. Holy cow she was mad!


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