Dec 14, 2011

what we wore- looking hot and ugly

Jeremy bought some new suits and just couldn't wait til Christmas to wear one....actually, funny story.  He was ordering 3 suit coats and 2 pairs of pants from Bonobos and they had extremely heavy traffic on Cyber Monday and so, he pushed the checkout button about 19 times and it never would give him a receipt or even tell him that his order had been placed...until the next day, when he checked his email, he had order confirmations for 27 suit coats and 18 pairs of pants!  Good thing they have an awesome return policy!
 Oh, Daddy, we really look up to you!
 What a handsome family! (and Ingrid's photo-bombing again!)
 say cheese!
I couldn't resist...just had to have an ugly sweater this year
and little Ellie the Elephant just couldn't resist jumping into my arms
Now, I just gotta find the perfect tie to go with hubby's new suit :)
Merry Christmas!
xo- Danielle
pleated poppy


  1. you look AWESOME and you in that sweater totally made my day!!!!!

  2. Ok, who is supposed to look ugly? You all look adorable!


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