Feb 22, 2012

flower girl vs. flour girls

A few weeks ago, Sofia was the flower girl at my sister-in-law's wedding
she wore the pretty gold and cream dress that she got for Christmas (from K-mart, no less)
and a pretty flower in her hair that coordinated with the bride's
she may have sneaked and dipped her finger in the cake, just a bit...
here she is looking guilty as ever
but, that pales in comparison to the mischief that came after that...
I made some bread, and using my ever-sharp mom brain, i left the ginormous bucket of flour out.
well, Ingrid and Sofia decided they wanted to make something, too!
"we're making foot prints!"

  and snow angels

and a big ol' mess!

I thought I'd be a nice mommy and let them play for a while, considering the damage was already done.
but, by the time bath time came around they had so much flour in their hair
the bath turned the flour into dough
when their heads dried they had gross, crusty breadstick heads
they were dough-heads for another full day until i got them in the shower with me
and literally combed the dough piece by tiny piece out of their hair

 See, this is how you make sure you get it right down into the hair follicle...just smear your little head across the floor.
she does it like a pro!

pleated poppy


  1. She's so cute! Looks like they had tons of fun in that flour. My daughter did that with baby powder once. I could hardly breath the air was so thick with powder.

  2. Your girls are so gorgeous! And no doubt...look at their mama!!

    Oh my goodness. I need to learn from you, I would have FLIPPED MY LID!!!! But look what you did, you let them make a memory!

  3. Oh wow!! How did you clean it all up?

  4. WOWsers. I would have done the same thing, let them play since the damage is already done...also because I think I'd need a good 20 minutes to process how I would get it clean and how I could get all the flour out of tiny crevices....my brain hurts. What an................adventure. :)

  5. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who had to find out that flour plus water plus hair is not a good idea. My little boy loves to measure things with measuring cups. So one day he measured a whole bunch of flour onto the floor. I swept it up and put it and him in the bathtub so that he could measure his heart away. I'm still cleaning flour out of the groat in the tile of the bathroom floor, and even though he had short hair he went to church the next day looking like he had dandruff. The things kids think to do....:)
    I'm glad your cute little girls have so much spunk.

  6. Thank you so much for linking up to the blog hop! Wishing you all the best in your bloggy endeavors. Already following! Cheers!


  7. OH MY GOSH!!! MMM...I don't know if I want to laugh or cry for you!!! LOL....you better keep those pics for sure...payback is a bitch, hehe...thanks so much for linking up to the Blog Hop!!!! Following you :)


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