Mar 21, 2012

Team Tangerine Tango

Lots going on today!
  • first off, I got a new sewing machine!! yay! it's awesome :)I told Ingrid last night when I brought it home
"did you see mom's new sewing machine? it's cool, it does ABC's"
her reply?
"it SINGS??!!"
haha, the mind of a 5 year-old ;)

Plus, it's a giveaway, too! so you could win $20 to my shop & get yourself or someone you <3 something super cute! :)
I'm super excited about all the fun colors in this new line! go see :)

  • Thirdly, if you are Jenni Austria Germany, you've won The Little Illustrator $40 giveaway.  Email me to claim your prize! :)

  • Fourthly, I've been shopping like a madman lately.  I picked out 3 new dresses for my birthday, and they all happen to be the same color.  They all happen to be Pantone's color of the year Tangerine Tango.  Totally by accident.  But, I do love this color and I think it's a good match for my skin tone.

 Here's the first dress, which is my fave...I'll share the rest next week because I don't have photos yet...

whilst shopping at Nordstrom Rack I happened upon this dress and instantly fell madly in love.
I love the fabric it's made of, it never wrinkles! boo to the yeah, that's my kind of dress ;)
Of course I paired it with turquoise because, well, I'm kind of a turquoise freak ;)
these super adorable (and comfortable, I might add) shoes were a gift from my awesome sister-in-law. We were shopping together at TJ Maxx and we both fell in love with these so,  I bought her a pair, she bought me a pair so that, if hubby's were to ask if we were spending oodles of money on ourselves, we could honestly answer NO...'cause we're smart like that ;)
I was on the hunt for a cute ruffly cardigan while in Salt Lake City and I finally found one...
I MAY have raided the children's section at Target to find it,
but I found one!
add a little yellow nail polish (forever 21)
and my favorite aquamarine (my birthstone) ring
and voila!
dress: Laundry by design
earrings:  Pretty Little Me
shoes: Aerosoles
whattaya think?!
oh, and please please please go enter this giveaway :)  ya don't wanna miss the fun spring colors!
pleated poppy


  1. Ok, you're super adorable. Love your dress!!! And the tights too. :-)

  2. LOVE IT!!!!! You look awesome! (Are you losing weight?!) And I still super love and adore your glasses.

    1. no...i haven't lost's the super miracle dress, it's hits the curves in all the right ways ;)

  3. Love these colors together! Great outfit!

  4. OK! I love that dress, especially with those tights! I think I really need some fun tights like that!!! You are super cute!

  5. Great color combo! You look great in that cute:) I entered the your new spring line!!

  6. Love the Dress, and the shoe idea is priceless, I may have to try it!
    I never did figure how to enter your giveaway... but your new stuff is awesome.

  7. I love that you paired that dress with the turquoise tights- they look so good together! Do you remember what shade of tights those are? I have a similar pair from we love colors and I want to re-buy them but I'm not sure on the color! What a fun outfit :)


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