Apr 3, 2012


we've been saving our pennies since october
we're planning a trip to the big island

we've been saving for so long,
it doesn't seem like it's actually going to happen, ya know?
but, i guess it really is going to happen
& we're feeling very blessed
to have this opportunity

so, i've only flown on a plane twice in my life
and i've never been the person in charge of booking the flights before
so, now i'm at a loss a bit as to the best way to do this

so, please, friends
if you know the best way to buy airfare
hotels (or, most likely we'll go w/vrbo.com)
and rental cars
please let me know
i will love you forever


  1. I always buy my plane tickets online, but I only travel to places like Atlanta and Florida, so...

    Very happy for you. I'm sure you're going to enjoy your trip. It's nice when we save for so long for something and then get to enjoy the fruit of our labor.

  2. The first time I ever went to Hawaii I was 40 years old, barely newly single and had five kids in tow ages 2-15. I know! Crazy, right?! It was a VERY generous gift from a dear friend who knew my kids and I were completely burned out from the divorce, having to leave our home, ward & neighbors, etc., and hadn't had any fun in a very long time. I am forever grateful!!! She booked our flight and hotel through a travel agency and spent WAY more than she needed to. I'm convinced I could have saved her thousands if she'd let me book them myself online, but she's old-school and wanted to use her agent.

    Since then I have remarried and we've been blessed to journey to the islands a couple of times (okay, four), including our honeymoon. We have a timeshare. Otherwise we might never make the time to go. We go on the CHEAP! The timeshare is two bedrooms so 3 of the times we've gone we've taken other couples with us to split our timeshare maintenance fees. This also makes our friends act really nice to us because they all want to be the next couple to be invited. lol. We also split the car rental, and we always rent a four-wheel-drive......when you read the travel book, you'll know why. We don't eat out (the restaurants are SOOOOO overpriced and the food isn't that great). We buy our groceries at Costco. We do those stupid timeshare presentations so that we can get AWESOME activities for basically half price (or less). We've ridden in a little plane right over the most active volcano in the world on the Big Island. We've ridden a helicopter from Maui over the ocean to Molokai to see the steepest ocean cliffs in the world and The Wall of Tears. We've rented kayaks in Kona and kayaked across Kealakakua Bay to Captain Cook's Monument where we then snorkeled one of the best spots in the world.....we've done that 3 times (including last October), so you KNOW it's cool! I will loan you my tourism book (THE BLUE BIBLE) which you should read cover to cover and decide ahead of time what you want to do, and what to budget for. This book was written by a local and tells you all the great hidden places that no other travel book even knows about. Also, there is a brand new zip line company on the northeast area of the Big Island that we LOVED! I think we rode 5 different ziplines. Or was it 7? I can't remember. But they start you out on small silly ones to build up your courage then they zip you across RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME canyons & waterfalls. SOOOOO recommend that! I'm wearing the t-shirt from there right now! lol

    Your main costs:
    Airline tickets
    Car rental

    These are the airlines we've flown with. Keep checking the prices because they change regularly.
    US AIR

    HOTWIRE & PRICELINE are ALWAYS great sites to check for airline tickets! Sometimes they are a little more, but often they are less than you could get right from the airline. We've paid around $500 (if we're lucky) to $650 per ticket. Are you flying out of SLC? Delta has their hub there, so that's a good one to check.

    OMGosh! I'm so excited for you! Can you tell??? lol

  3. WHOA!!!! So awesome! Annnd I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. :)


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