Apr 6, 2012

oh, that's just typical

weather in utah.
it's funny.
teeter-totterin' it up one day

and snow the next

we've had spring break this week
i had wanted to do something adventuresome
so we had an impromptu mountain climbing adventure while the weather was good
we just parked the car and started walking
and didn't stop walking until our view looked like this
if you look closely you can see a black spot where the road ends...that's our car
these girls are such troopers
they just followed right along with their momma's/aunt's crazy whim
and it was exhausting
i seriously had a hard time getting out of bed the next morning
(of course, that's nothing new...)
and here's my favorite shot of the day..
which was actually taken by Swede my 7 yr old.
this is Sofia
all ready to climb a mountain like a pro

 it's funny how when we started hiking
the girls were complaining about walking through the field of weeds and brush
to get to the base of the mountain
but, by the time we got done climbing the mountain and back,
the weedy, brushy field was like heaven compared to the steep mountain
sometimes, all we need in our lives is a little perspective
PS: so happy instagram is now on android!!
you can find me there now (sugarblossomboutique)
let me know, & i'll follow you back :)


  1. Sounds like the weather we have at the moment in the UK, we had a BBQ in shorts and t-shirt last week and then this week some places have snow ?! The worlds gone crazy x x

  2. What a wonderful post! I love it. Sooo true and a great reminder and visual! Utah is absolutely beautiful! And your girls are absolutely gorgeous! :)


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