May 31, 2011

Come in, have a seat....

This chair was given to my family from one of our loveliest neighbors... she was re-decorating her teenage daughter's bedroom and this just didn't quite fit
It looks like a cast-off from a baby boys 1990's nursery...the baby blue fabric is littered with little yellow, white and navy polka dots....very 90's...very...ugly...nice.
But, I thought it had potential and took the thing apart and remade it step by step.
First of all:
 I updated the paint color with this lovely almost brown/almost gray concoction that my husband made up..he's cool like that, he's an artist, he can mix up colors like a pro :)  {more on my hubby HERE}

I took off the baby blue fabric...{sad to see it go, right?} and replaced it with a fun turquoise canvas-like fabric (I think it may have come from the outdoor fabric section at Joann's)

 I recovered the bolster pillow (is that what it's called??) with this cute fabric.   I just love turquoise and chartreuse together!  I tied it off with a black ribbon.  I wanted a little bit of a black accent because I'm putting this chair next to a black leather couch/loveseat combo.

So, the final project looks like this :) I sorta kinda love's a far cry from this....

and it has a super bouncy, springy seat that's fun :)
do YOU have a refurnished furniture project?. I'd love to see it :)  Send me a link below,  I look forward to hearing from you :)
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