Feb 29, 2012

grey and yellow

my kids have one-by-one been passing along a mystery fever over here.
they each took their turn thursday thru monday with fever of about 101...
finally tuesday all the kids are healthy
aaaannndddd baby sofia stepped on a screw :(
she was helping daddy out at the art studio
and a board behind his desk had one lone screw in it that we didn't know was there and (ouch)
it went in about a quarter of an inch :(
i took her to instacare & she had to have a tetanus shot.
 she's very brave and the nurse said she's never seen a child that was so well-behaved...
she didn't even cry during her shot. she's such a trooper.

on saturday, i left all the feverish kids with jeremy and went to a baby shower.  I'll have the baby shower pics for you tomorrow.  this is the outfit I wore:

I think the temperature was a cozy 30 degrees, but the wind was CHILLY and it felt like 10 degrees.
This down-filled navy coat is one I thrifted a few years ago.
It's one of my faves because it's super warm, which ya gotta have in UT
I like the yellow contrast stitching
you can also see it here
the shirt is off the target clearance rack.
it must've shrunk...that's ok, it was like $3
you can see it here, too
I include this photo because the Northern Utah Mountains are so pretty :)
Have a happy Wednesday, friends! I gotta run... my baby girl has a sore arm and needs some cuddles!
pleated poppy

Feb 27, 2012

on the radio

right after new years, we had a speaker in church talking about new years resolutions.
of course i dont remember all of it,  but one thing that stuck out to me was

if you feel like you are better than or
worse than another person
that should raise a red flag
and we should re-evaluate our lives
because we are ALL sons and daughters of god
& life shouldn't be spent comparing ourselves to others

i thought about that a lot
still do, in fact.
because i try not to, but i always compare myself to others.
and i'm almost always judging myself as not as good
never good enough
i'm not as slim as her
i'm don't have as followers on my blog as her
her hair is so much prettier than mine
my house is a mess
she's a better mother than i am
the list goes on & on

so the words to On the Radio by Regina Spektor really spoke to me

so, my goal is to try take be more accepting of myself.
to try to be the best person that i can be.  to love myself.
so that i can help my children grow up loving themselves.

Sugar Blossom Boutique

Feb 25, 2012

Self-Portrait Saturday

I did it again!
linking up with Dana for Self-Portrait Saturday.
Aren't you proud?
No, of course you're not...
why would you be?

I really like to read Dana's advice for how to take better self-portraits.  If you click on over there you can see her advice....like what kind of lenses make dreamy/foggy photos.. Maybe next time, I might actually take her advice...maybe even pull out the tripod...then you'll be so proud, right?

Feb 24, 2012

Pass it Forward Project

I'm excited to share with you something very exciting from Ashley @ The Shine Project
Her new, inspired idea is called Pass It Forward
The idea behind it is to serve others.
The exciting new twist behind it is that you get to see where it goes! :)
It starts with a card like this, and after doing a small service
you pass the card along to the next person!
I think Ashley, herself says it best:

Pass It Forward was designed to get people to do little things, everyday, that makes an impact on the community around them. Pass it Forward is designed around a card. Each card is given a unique ID number. Lets say we're at McDonalds, and I decide to pay for the person behind me in the drive through. I'd give the cashier the card, and tell them to pass it along to the next car when the give them the food that has been paid for. I then go home and log into the website that was on the card, and find my unique ID number. I log into it, and add my information... My first name, city, and a description of what I did....
If the person behind me was you, you would pass it forward to someone else, 
and then would go home and do the same thing.
From the very beginning, you will be able to track where your card goes, and how many people you affect just by doing one simple act of kindness.
I'm so excited about this project!
I think it's such an awesome addition to be able to see where your card ends up!
As of right now, you can get a pack of 10 cards HERE for $2.50....
or, you can just wait around and see if a card ends up in your fingertips....
but which one sounds like more FUN?!

"Service changes people. 
It refines, purifies, gives a finer perspective, 
and brings out the best in each one of us. 
It gets us looking outward instead of inward. 
Righteous service is the expression of true charity, such as the Savior showed."
--Derek A. Cuthbert,
 Ashley will be featuring each Friday on her blog stories of people who have shared their card.
Are you going to be one of them?


Feb 23, 2012

sofa loaf

me and sofia
we go together like
peanuts and paydays
marley and reggae

oh wait, maybe not quite like that
more like this:

or maybe we watch too many re-runs, i don't know
but the point is, she is my baby and we spend lots of time together!

I want to share with you Sofia's latest art creations.  Her daddy is an artist, so she's very passionate about her artwork. 

first off, she drew Gary from Spongebob

next, she drew the man, himself, Spongebob jellyfishing
and, last {my fave} Plankton

now, you can start to see why I'm head over heels for my little Sofa Loaf!

Feb 22, 2012

flower girl vs. flour girls

A few weeks ago, Sofia was the flower girl at my sister-in-law's wedding
she wore the pretty gold and cream dress that she got for Christmas (from K-mart, no less)
and a pretty flower in her hair that coordinated with the bride's
she may have sneaked and dipped her finger in the cake, just a bit...
here she is looking guilty as ever
but, that pales in comparison to the mischief that came after that...
I made some bread, and using my ever-sharp mom brain, i left the ginormous bucket of flour out.
well, Ingrid and Sofia decided they wanted to make something, too!
"we're making foot prints!"

  and snow angels

and a big ol' mess!

I thought I'd be a nice mommy and let them play for a while, considering the damage was already done.
but, by the time bath time came around they had so much flour in their hair
the bath turned the flour into dough
when their heads dried they had gross, crusty breadstick heads
they were dough-heads for another full day until i got them in the shower with me
and literally combed the dough piece by tiny piece out of their hair

 See, this is how you make sure you get it right down into the hair follicle...just smear your little head across the floor.
she does it like a pro!

pleated poppy

Feb 21, 2012

Great Minds Think Alike...

Funny thing happened the other day...
and by the other day I mean Christmas morning.

Jeremy sat a big, heavy present on my lap and told me
"this is a two-part present"

I opened it and it was a warehouse-club-size supply of Diet Dr. Pepper {my fave}
and, the 2nd part of the present...
cherry syrup! 
which was super thoughtful because I always order Diet Dr. Pepper with cherry syrup anytime we go out (happy hour at Sonic, anyone?? :)

So, the funny thing is I had a two part present for Jeremy, too.

First Part:
a fridge pack of Diet Dr. Pepper (did I fail to mention, this is his favorite drink, too)

and the Second Part:
this adorable print from Livy Love Designs
it reads: I love you more than Diet Dr. Pepper
isn't that sweet?!
I've hung it up in our bedroom like so:
 (I also gave him another print that hangs with it...I'll share that with you another time...that is, if the suspense doesn't kill you first)

Diana of Livy Love Designs can customize her adorable I love you more than Diet Coke print.  I got to tweak what it said, and also pick the colors, how fun is that?!
Here's the original version:
Her entire etsy shop is so adorable! I asked Diana to participate in my 20 questions series so we could get to know her better!

1. do you have children?   2 kids! Olivia is 18 months and harrison is almost 3 months.  Needless to say, my hands are full, but its super fun have 2 under 2!
2. what one word would you use to describe yourself? go getter.  I am always trying new things, learning new things and wanting to get stuff done!
3.  what's your favorite color? I love Pink.  I am a true girly girl!
4. which do you prefer hot chocolate or coffee? Hot Chocolate...I don't drink coffee.  Yes I survived newborns with NO coffee! I should get an award.
5. if you could have a super power what would it be?  I would love to be invisible.  Would be so cool to do so much without being seen.
6. what one word would you use to describe your business? Colorful.  I love colors and patterns and I try to incorporate that into my designs.
7. which do you prefer the beach or the mountains? Definitely the mountains.  I have lived by both and I like the beach, but I love the mountains.
8. favorite season? Fall.  The leaves changing, the cold weather, plus Halloween is my favorite and thats when that happens.
9. favorite pizza toppings? I'm plain, love pepperoni.
10. night owl or early bird? night owl.  I could stay up REAL late!
11. favorite TV show or movie? I love the bachelor right now!
12. what is your guilty pleasure? Teen Mom, the girls are sometimes really lame, but I just can't stop watching it.
13. what is your favorite phone app? Instagram! Follow me (dianasmith)
14. what is your most embarassing moment? Nothing too bad has happened to me!! I am grateful for that...knock on wood.
15. what's your favorite ice cream flavor? chocolate ... again I am super plain!
16. how did you meet your spouse? We met through friends when I was 18 and he was 21.

17. what's one food you can't live without? Chocolate...so good!
18. what was the happiest day of your life? my babies being born.  Nothing feels better than holding them AND not being pregnant anymore haha
19. favorite sport? I don't really like sports, but probably baseball.
20. name one item on your bucket list I would love to be my own boss and have a really successful company.

It's been so much fun to get to know Diana better!  She is so kind to offer my readers 25% off her etsy shop when you use code etsylove THANKS Diana!

Here are a few of my other favorite items from her shop

Be sure to go check it out for yourself!
and, if you're a blogger or shop owner and would like to participate in my 20 questions series, let me know!  I'd love to have you :)

Feb 20, 2012

hooray, hooray

I thought, in honor of President's Day,  I might feature a song from The Presidents of the United States of America (remember them??) but, i'm 100% sure no one wants any songs about millions of peaches stuck in their head...instead, i'll share the 2 songs that really have been stuck in my head all week.

I've been kinda obsessed with these two songs this week.  These ladies have such beautiful voices.  I love both of these songs partly because of the range of voice the singers have to have in order to sing them.  They both go real high, and quite low.

First off, it's Taylor Swift's new song, with The Civil Wars.  I love that it's not too country, because I'm not a huge country fan.  This song is eerily beautiful, and so is the video.

Next, Jenny Lewis' beautiful voice.  She was the lead sing of Rilo Kiley.  She is so talented! It's so pretty, I don't think I could ever hit the high notes at the end of this song.  I've tried, in the shower.

(for the official video, click HERE)
about Music Mondays
Each Monday I'd like to share with you a song/songs that I enjoy.
It's a way for me to share what music I'm listening to and, if you have a song or artist you're interested in you can share with me, too!
You can join in with me if you'd like, it's quite fun :)

There are two ways to join me:

1.  Add a Music post to your blog and link up.  Please include the Music Monday button (on the right side of the blog) Link up tools are at the bottom of this post
2. or, just leave a comment here letting me know what music you've been listening to lately, do you have a song stuck in your head?

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