Jul 25, 2012

play lady play...play on my big playground

it's road trip time
along our travels we found this amazing park
it's like a playground for giant-size people!
the slide is like 18 feet tall and 3 feet wide.
the teeter-totters (yes! they have them!) pop you up about 7 feet high
and the old-school monkey bars are square (womp womp)

color block skirt: thrifted and updated by me
(uberlyfabulous) ring: creme de la gems
necklace: claires

our park adventures ended in a (fun) downpour
today we're off to eat some pancakes and then heading to the Tetons
we'll be jumping in the cold lake soon
and we'll be on the lookout for some bears
and hoping the sun will be shining
later gator

pleated poppy

PS: please please don't forget about the Shabby Apple $50 gift card giveaway! winner announced next week!

Jul 19, 2012

our duties and a vintage schwinn

we're heading to Salt Lake to deliver some artwork to a client.
i'm feeling so blessed that my husband can use his talents to earn money for our family.
so blessed that their are people out there who have the means & desire to buy artwork even in this economy.
so blessed that God has given him this talent.
and that i might be able to talk hubby into stopping by Anthro and Urban Outfitters while we're in SLC, hehe.

We've had church lock-up duty this week.  It's where hubs is in charge of making sure the church is locked up every night before we go to bed...

"Maybe I am not meant for these duties.
 Cooking duty.
Dead guy duty.
Maybe it's time for me to get a better duty!"

We actually have really thought having lock-up duty was the bees knees because we don't have a great place near our home for the kiddos to ride bikes so we've taken them down to the church parking lot to ride bikes for an hour or so each night.  It's been one of the highlights of their summer so far, which shows how lame our summer has been, haha.

the barbie bike is too small now so she inherited the awesome orange vintage schwinn 

you go girl, ride that schwinny goodness for all it's worth

I guess I was inspired by the kids athleticism...or I was too lazy to drive to the gym...but I also got a couple of bike rides in this week...rode long enough and far enough to make not only my legs hurt but also some unspeakable places...
anyway, this is my "i'll cut you" look.  I was mad at the photographer for reasons unknown and this is what he gets in return.  nice.
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Jul 18, 2012

free money for pretty dresses. who wants it? me? nah!

I went shopping last night and bought myself a pretty new shirt and, like a nerd, I paid money for it...
I mean, really, who wants to spend money for stuff?

Shabby Apple is offering you guys a chance to win a $50 gift card so you can buy anything ya want from their online store!
I really wish I could win this awesome giveaway from Shabby Apple.
I mean, it's Shabby Apple, guys.  Hello!!
beautiful vintage inspired dresses,
awesome modest swimwear,
purple ballet flats (swoon)
but freakity freak freak...i'm the only one who can't enter. bah!
i guess i'll have to keep paying money for my clothes like a nerd.

So, Imma gonna go cry myself to sleep- YOU (don't be a nerd!) go enter this giveaway, mmkay?

Tea Time dress from Shabby Apple

2300 and 38 Inches dress from Shabby Apple. I don't name 'em, I just like 'em ;)
Tinsel Town Skirt from Shabby Apple
Zany flats by Shabby Apple....I didn't realize until now how many beautiful shoes they have. go check it out!
Alice dress from Shabby Apple

Heart of Me dress from Shabby Apple
Streetcar Skirt from Shabby Apple

I took a little poll over on my facebook & twitter to see if y'all prefer
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it was about split 50/50.
so i'm going with a good ol fashion comment to enter.


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Good Luck!

Jul 16, 2012

you're dying because of what??

we were driving home after a funeral this weekend,
and apparently Ingrid had drank a LOT of water at the luncheon thingy after the funeral.
she had to PEE SO BAD
she was in the back seat doing a potty dance...
"i'm gonna die, i'm gonna die!"
she kept shouting because she had to pee so bad.
"i'm going to die from PEE-ness!!!"

really? you're going to die from PENIS?
jeremy and I were busting out laughing the whole way home...

i LOVE these cray cray kids!

Jul 13, 2012

672 worms later...

cousins came over and we baked some fun patriotic cherry pies from scratch.
by "from scratch" i mean, we literally climbed the cherry tree,
picked the cherries
(got all the worms out of the cherries...eww.)
and made the pie crust.
I don't know how much more "from scratch" you can get
unless you raised your own chickens and used their eggs.
(which some of my friends do...ok, now i feel like a cheater using store-bought eggs ;)
this entire process took about 4 hours, which is entirely way too long for baking a pie
but entirely not enough time to visit with my cute nieces!
my girls each made their own little baby pie, they loved rolling out the dough and cutting out the stars!
I think this picture says it all...

we didn't get a chance to do our hair, but we made pies and that was way more fun!
hope have a fun, memory-making kind of day :)
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