Mar 28, 2012

5 things a man should never say to a woman

5 things a man should never say to a woman 

*could you put this stuff away when you're done with it?*

1st of all, i have 3 kids...ya know I'm wiping butts atleast 30% of my life
2nd of all, i'm busy with other things, too, ya pinning things, and hilarious youtube videos --so cut me some slack

*you should go to the gym*

this may be said with kindness in mind.  with thoughts of how many endorphins i'll be subject to.  how glad i'll be that i went.  but anytime you say i should go to the gym i think WTH? where do you get off calling me FAT??

*why are you so grumpy?*

first off, if I am grumpy you should never say so
second off, if you ask me this, & I'm not grumpy, you might get a punch to the throat :)

*did you just roll your eyes?*

ME? roll my eyes? never! *eyes roll*

*is it that time of the month?*

no further explanation  needed. don't. say. this. ever.

dress   f21
cardi   f21
just be necklace  pretty little me
leggings  avon
shoes   kohls
pleated poppy

Mar 27, 2012

an unforseen bit of fortune

I've been a little crafty mama as of late...
I'm redecorating our front room.
It's almost done, just need to refinish one more chair cushion :)

anywhooo...I wanted to show you a little sneak peek of what's going on in there,
I have had a beautiful little turquoise table in there
a gift from my sisters last year
and I've been looking and looking for weeeeeks trying to find something to decorate this table
something the children wouldn't destroy
my 1st thought was something made of metal, ya know like copper or brass or something...
it's pretty hard to destroy...but everything online was out of my price range

my 2nd thought was a matryoshka doll
they could play with them and then put them back and they'd look real pretty and colorful
so, I went to work searching for something cool and not breakable
i checked retail stores, discount stores, thrift store, antique stores....
basically a LOT of shopping
with no luck
We spent the 4 days before my birthday scouring SLC for something cool and not breakable
then, my birthday came around and we were exhausted
there's only so much shopping a 3, 5, & 7 year old can handle
But, it was my birthday & it was time for lunch..
and, heck, i didn't want to make lunch on my birthday, right?
so we headed to Panda Express
after a delicious meal of orange chicken and honey shrimp
my fortune read "an unforseen bit of fortune is heading your way"
& I was able to talk the kids into one more last ditch effort at finding something cool and not breakable
we headed to an antique store I'd never been to before
and there we searched for a good 45 minutes....
and, finally we found the holy grail of beautiful copper pieces!
there were 3 pieces ranging in price from $20-$65  that we were trying to narrow down
trying to figure out which one we I couldn't live without.
then, the owner of the store came over and said
"you're in luck, the guy who owns this booth just decided to mark these down
everything in this section is 50% off"
she said if we would have come in an hour earlier, we would have missed this sale!
wowza! i was so excited!
I told the lady (with tears in my eyes) that i felt like i had just won the lottery
which was only slightly awkward for her
I decided to get all three of the beautiful copper pieces i had been eyeing...
and altogether, it was $65
there was my unforseen bit of fortune, yo!
I found this beautiful copper tea kettle
 I adore how it's turning turquoise in all the right places
ooooh baby
and I LOVE the handle on this copper's screams art deco to me :)
and the antique pewter bowl I already had,
we inherited it from Jeremy's grandpa
I am glad to have a place to display it now :)
and the same awesome sister that gave me this purty turquoise table
gave me a pretty platter that was perfect for setting this whole scene on
it looks breakable, but it's not (it's from target, me thinks)

I love the look!
and my kids can't break anything!
so, if you're keeping track,
I've shown you only 2 pieces of copper awesomeness
but I bought three
I'll share with you the other one later this week
when i reveal the room in it's entirety
stay tuned!
ps: all of this talk about copper reminded me, i still have a coupon code for 20% off my shop when you use the code LUCKYPENNY

Mar 26, 2012

Songs from District 12 and Beyond...

So, did ya see Hunger Games yet?? It rocked my socks!
I give the book an A+
and the movie a solid A (which even after a bajillion glute exercises I can't seem to achieve, haha)
There were a few parts that seemed a bit rushed but, hey, we can't have a 4.5 hr. movie right??
anyway, how about that Caesar Flickerman??
Caesar Flickerman, you da man :) {via}

 haha, loved every scene with him...he was perfect in that role, and epitomized what I imagined for the Capitol people.
I absolutely loved the parts of the movie where you get to see the gamemakers at work.
It was totally awesome to see the behind-the-scenes of how they make the games work, I thought. Can't wait for Catching Fire! (Nov. 2013, btw)

Now, enjoy a few songs from the Hunger Games soundtrack...
and daydream about Finnick, hehe

Sugar Blossom Boutique

I love and appreciate all of your link-ups and I personally check each of them out! :)

Mar 23, 2012

New Spring Collection by Sugar Blossom Boutique

I've had so much fun working with these fabulous spring colors, i hope you like 'em!
One of my favorite parts was doing the photography :)

The Boom Boom Pow

Sweet Mint
 Do The Hokey-Pokey Polka-Dot

I am a Robot BeEp bEeP BeeP!
Two Scoops of Peach, Please

Team Tangerine

and, my favorite: the Ruffly Fluffly headband

a big thanks to my cutie pie models!
 don't forget to enter to win a $20 credit to my shop over at Oh, Sweet Joy's blog

Mar 21, 2012

Team Tangerine Tango

Lots going on today!
  • first off, I got a new sewing machine!! yay! it's awesome :)I told Ingrid last night when I brought it home
"did you see mom's new sewing machine? it's cool, it does ABC's"
her reply?
"it SINGS??!!"
haha, the mind of a 5 year-old ;)

Plus, it's a giveaway, too! so you could win $20 to my shop & get yourself or someone you <3 something super cute! :)
I'm super excited about all the fun colors in this new line! go see :)

  • Thirdly, if you are Jenni Austria Germany, you've won The Little Illustrator $40 giveaway.  Email me to claim your prize! :)

  • Fourthly, I've been shopping like a madman lately.  I picked out 3 new dresses for my birthday, and they all happen to be the same color.  They all happen to be Pantone's color of the year Tangerine Tango.  Totally by accident.  But, I do love this color and I think it's a good match for my skin tone.

 Here's the first dress, which is my fave...I'll share the rest next week because I don't have photos yet...

whilst shopping at Nordstrom Rack I happened upon this dress and instantly fell madly in love.
I love the fabric it's made of, it never wrinkles! boo to the yeah, that's my kind of dress ;)
Of course I paired it with turquoise because, well, I'm kind of a turquoise freak ;)
these super adorable (and comfortable, I might add) shoes were a gift from my awesome sister-in-law. We were shopping together at TJ Maxx and we both fell in love with these so,  I bought her a pair, she bought me a pair so that, if hubby's were to ask if we were spending oodles of money on ourselves, we could honestly answer NO...'cause we're smart like that ;)
I was on the hunt for a cute ruffly cardigan while in Salt Lake City and I finally found one...
I MAY have raided the children's section at Target to find it,
but I found one!
add a little yellow nail polish (forever 21)
and my favorite aquamarine (my birthstone) ring
and voila!
dress: Laundry by design
earrings:  Pretty Little Me
shoes: Aerosoles
whattaya think?!
oh, and please please please go enter this giveaway :)  ya don't wanna miss the fun spring colors!
pleated poppy

Mar 19, 2012

...& her hair's bad ass

I'm finally caught up on this season's The Voice
and I'm loving Lindsey Pavao
I'm loving her unique voice
and her unique style
i wish i could sing like her

and here's a vid i found of Lindsey Pavao
singing Flagpole Sitta
love it :)

also, here's a song that Lindsey wrote called
The Archer and The Arrow
I love this song
is sounds like it would fit right in on a Hunger Games soundtrack, don'tcha think?
so dark and moody

feel free to link up your Music Monday post!
I'd love to hear what you're listening to :)
Are you listening to The Voice this season?
who's your fav. contestant this season??

Sugar Blossom Boutique

Mar 16, 2012

Don't Forget...

don't forget...
to wear your green tomorrow
& don't forget
tomorrow's the last day
for anniversary BOGO sale
click HERE for more info

Mar 14, 2012

What I Wore

Blogging to you on the road as my hubby shows his art at a show in salt lake city
While he works the girls and I go shopping, of course!
Yesterday we went to the planetarium, and hit anthropologie, forever 21...
Today we're going to the aquarium, h&m, some antique shops...
Later this week we're going to the zoo, ikea, target
All the good stuff we dont have where we live
(don't ask me how we survive without a target)
earrings by the lovely Pretty Little Me
Skirt| thrifted
Shirt & sweater| Downeast
Tights | We Love Colors
Shoes | Target

Hope your week is great, me thinks mine will be!


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