Mar 5, 2012

just a little something...

well, March is going to be an exciting month.
we're spending a few days in Salt Lake City next week for an art show.
so, that means a lot of shopping, trips to the zoo & aquarium
Then, on St. Patrick's Day, it's my birthday.
I'm still officially in my twenties for one more year.
it's weird
time goes by so fast

March is also the anniversary of my shop opening.
2 years ago I opened Sugar Blossom Boutique,
I think that's we should celebrate a bit.
So, from now, until my birthday (March 17th)
I will be giving a free ruffle flower headband
with every $20 purchase

March 17th is also Billy Corgan's birthday
i've may have had a crush on Billy since I was 12 years old
Jeremy may or may not tease me for having a crush on a guy with such peculiar looks
and an odd shaped head...but whatevs

 I love the new series Billy has put on youtube.  He plays songs from Smashing Pumpkins hayday acoustically and adds a little behind-the-scenes info. very cool.

It's like a personal acoustic session with just you & Billy Corgan...I mean, what kind of young woman hasn't dreamed all her life of this moment...right?!

There are a couple more vids like that on youtube so, if you liked that one be sure to check out the rest
Will you join me for Music Monday?
You can add a link to your favorite music using the linky tool below.
Happy Monday, everyone :)
& don't forget to snatch up your free headband with $20 purchase before the 17th!

Sugar Blossom Boutique


  1. Love your shop! I can't wait to show my daughter your cute items when she gets home from school.


  2. Happy Birthday Month! What a generous gift...I have been wanting one of your boho headbands forever...I better hurry and order one;) I too enjoy some Smashing Pumpkins and love acoustic. Going to check out Billy's new series!

  3. Hm. I have been pretty not okay with Billy Corgan since the whole trans story broke. I think his attitude towards trans folks is pretty not okay. I still love his work with SP, they're one of the few grunge-era bands I actually enjoy, but oh lawdy.

  4. i love billy too, especially in the 1979 video for some reason! ooh la la!


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