Apr 30, 2012

see ya later, utah

24 hrs from now I'll be hopping on a flight to Hawaii with these goofballs!

I'm feeling extremely blessed that we get to go spend 3 weeks in Hawaii..
yes, 3 weeks! gah! so blessed!

I guess our next family photos will be taken with the ocean behind us
instead of the pretty rolling hills of utah
I've never been to Hawaii, I haven't traveled much in my 29 years...
the kids have never been on an airplane, never seen the ocean...

 I will blog occasionally from Hawaii if I have wifi, and if I can keep my eyes open after long days of snorkeling, swimming and laying in the sun.

Be sure to follow me on instagram (sugarblossomboutique) and twitter (@sugarbtweets)... I'm sure I'll be posting lots of sweet Hawaiian pics.  Until then...

PS: If you are Grace Mitton you've won any item you want from DownEast Basics!

Apr 27, 2012

instafriday- birthday boy

yesterday was my husband's birthday and i had a really cute, funny, even tear-jerking post all lined up...
in my head.
and then we just spent the entire day with each other and i didn't get on the computer....
but, which is more important? right?
Jeremy's parents took us out to breakfast at a new restaurant in town called herm's
i guess it used to be an old diner way back in the day,
and they've recently gave it a renovation.
i'm very much in love with the architecture and the care that they took during the remodeling.
check it out

they spared no expense and the whole building is trimmed-out in copper.
I <3 copper...
the inside was amazing as well,
everything was done with a vintage modern feel.
the booth tables were just large slabs of white marble connected to industrial looking metal posts with wheels

the light fixtures were all amazing,
i love the style & i don't usually get to witness it 1st-hand in our little town

the bar was amazing

and the food was great
avacados for me!
 can't beat a pancake the size of a pizza! :)

all drinks were served out of mason jars
bunch of hipsters
birthday boy opening his card
his card
kiss the monkey
it was a really fun time, though i'm sure the fam was sick of me taking pictures
i take that back, the kids never get sick of getting their picture taken ;)

my husband drooled over this bad boy ;)
(and i drooled over him, haha)
(but, seriously, he's HOT)
we went to dinner too, of course & celebrated with some yummy pizza and desserts

and a nice phenomenon, when waitresses see me trying to take pics of the fam they offer to take a photo of the whole family, how nice :)

and I'm blogging to you today from my husbands new macbook pro...happy birthday, borgie!
xo danielle

life rearranged

Apr 25, 2012

Snap Conference

My name is Danielle
and I'm no longer a conference virgin.
You guys, i went to Snap Conference
and it rocked my socks!
I can't wait to do it again.
to be honest, i spent a lot of the first day wandering around lost and lonely.
i went back to my room, teary-eyed and texted my hubby.
his advice?
don't hide your awesomeness, let your awesomeness shine.
best. advice. ever.
so, i had to step out of my comfort zone
and introduce myself to people,
ask if I could sit by people,
just start talking to people i didn't know.
it was weird at first.
i thought everyone had come there with a friend,
that everyone already knew each other & i was the odd man out.
but, it turns out, a lot of people came not knowing anyone.
and they were stepping out of their comfort zone, too.

walking into Snap Conference the thing i most wanted to get out of it was to get to know other people like me.
people who love to create, to blog, to share
I met so many people!
I walked away from Snap with a lot of awesome friendships.
but, i also walked away with more than that.
I hadn't really considered the classes beforehand.
but, the Snap Conference classes were really amazing.
Things like, how to grow your blog, SEO content, Facebook rules & regulations, networking, how to photograph...
there were a lot of amazing classes!
I think my favorite part of the conference was getting to know some of the "big" bloggers,
and realizing that they're just people, too.
Some are shy, some are outgoing, some are talkative & reach out to others, some are slow to get to know others...
they're real people.  with their own personalities- and it was great to meet them :)
meeting Jessica, of Allora Handmade (and the Queen Bee Market) was a highlight

no, i cannot smile regularly when i'm around Gussy, it's too exciting! ;) and, of course, she just looks adorable!

who knew that me and Mandi from Vintage Revivals would be fashion TWINS?

Alissa from Rags to Stitches is super nice and a good peacemaker :)

Heather from Glitter and Gloss is sooo much fun to be around and super nice!

i <3 these two girls so much! Jenna and Heather from Just.Lovely.Things seriously, 2 of the nicest girls you could ever meet!

Jenna striking a pose :)

Kristen Duke taught me how to take the amazing photo of her ;)

the 2 Jacqui's, and YES, they both spell their name that way! Jacqui, aka Crafteemcgee, and Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery They both know how to rock a cute outfit!

I was so lucky to get to sit by these girls at dinner! Lindsey (linking up with her today for WIWW!:), Jessica, Alissa, and Gussy

my awesome, amazing room mates!! Cindy and Shelby!

I luv these girls! Carrie and Caroline
I would go to Snap again in a heartbeat,
the weather was awesome, the facilities were gorgeous and amazing...
(Cindy may have a pic of me literally hugging a tree, they were so gorgeous!!)
but, most of all, the people were amazing!

 Until next time, Snap...

Apr 18, 2012

Downeast Basics Giveaway!

When my aunt visited us from north carolina
we took her to all the best places northern utah had to offer
we took her to the best restaurants
the best shopping
the best recreational activitites

and ya know what she said her favorite things were when it was all over?
rock climbing with us
and shopping at Downeast

ive gotta say, one of those things is my favorite thing to do, too...
(but i'm freaky-deaky scared of heights, so i'm gonna let you guess which one i'm referring too ;)

when downeast contacted me to do a review & giveaway for their new spring line
i just about peed my pants was super excited because i really do love their clothes
anyone who knows me in real life knows that i own about 57 of their half sleeve tees in all the colors that they offer, they're my "go-to" item any day of the week

so, i now own the timepiece dress from downeast in the color atmosphere
and i couldn't be more thrilled
it's uber comfy
and with it's neutral color i can add all my favorite colorful accessories

 jeremy was so kind to take me to the middle-of-nowhere and photograph my pretty new dress
i added a coral ribbon belt ($2 hobby lobby)
pretty feather earrings (jc penney)
mint tights (from we love colors)
new shoes (TJ maxx) (i LOVE these shoes, they're super comfy, too!)
necklace & ring (gifts) (my grandma made the awesome turquoise necklace!!:)
Downeast has agreed to giveaway any item of your choice to one of my lucky readers!
to enter this giveaway
your first entry should be a comment telling me what you would want from Downeast if you were the winner..
there are lots & lots of other ways to enter, 
let the rafflecopter be your guide...
this is my first time using rafflecopter, so hopefully i know what i'm doing ;)
good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Apr 16, 2012

A Fine Frenzy

When my husband refers to "the band with the cute red-headed singer"

I know he's talking about A Fine Frenzy

I mean, just look how pretty she is!

anyway, i just wanted to share this song with you today

because i love it, it's so pretty

this, and gotye's somebody that i used to know are on repeat around here

do you like A Fine Frenzy?

if you want to share your favorite song, link up! it's fun! :)


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