Apr 2, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know

we're having a slow start over here.
i mean, it is Monday, ya know?
and my kids are on spring break now.
or not.
we'll see.

i was on my way to the gym when a bruno mars song came on the radio..
ya know, the one..."if you ever leave me, baby...
leave the morphine at the door."
i was surprised & caught a bit off guard when our local
("family friendly")
radio station edited out the word "morphine"
yes, don't want to give anybody the idea of using morphine to control the pain of heart break.

anyway, i've been kinda obsessed by this song lately
somebody that i used to know by gotye

& I'm sorta really obsessed with walk off the earth's version, too.
I love them,
they're kinda like a bunch of hipsters that got together
then decided they wanted a little David Grohl-esque mixed in.
and i LOVE her hair in this vid.
i want that hair.

i saw a comment about this song that basically summed up what's so nice about it...
I love when songs mean more than just "getting drunk at the club" or "finding some bitch to come back her a** up". Songs like this that tell stories are the reason people started singing in the first place. Let's bring this art form back please.

yes, please.
do you have a song you want to share?
something that shows the artistic side of music,
or moves you?
Link up :)
happy monday

Sugar Blossom Boutique

1 comment:

  1. I refuse to download any music to my own library unless it has true meaning, just like you were saying above. My absolute favorite song is
    'Talkin bout a Revolution' by Tracy Chapman. First of all, she has so, so much emotion in her voice and second, the song just puts the world in perspective for me- showing me how much change is really needed.
    My blog: http://prttylttlthngs.blogspot.com/


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