Apr 5, 2012

bashed over the head with signs

well, geez...
sometimes ya just need to be bashed over the head with a sign from above
in order to receive it, right?

I found the best ticket deal to hawaii after searching & planning for weeks.
delta was holding this itinerary for 24 hrs,
after which, it became obsolete.
so, we thought about it overnight.
thought & prayed
and decided to book the flights.

when i entered our credit card #
it resulted in a "terminal error"
i was in a panic
because the deal was expiring during the error

i called delta, begging them to extend the deal another 7 minutes while i re-entered my credit card #
"sorry the deal is over
but, i can look for a similar deal for you"
longest minute of my life.
i was pretty sure i was out of luck
no more good deals to be found.
luckily, she was able to find a deal for us
only $20 more.

best news ever, right?
but i tried to pay for the tickets over the phone
"sorry, this credit card was denied"
"sorry, this credit card was denied"
"sorry, this credit card was denied"

you see...
last fall i lost my credit card.
well, it was lost for a few hours & then found.
but, in the mean time, i cancelled the card.
didn't know if the card had fallen into the wrong hands or whatnot.

discover card sent us replacement cards.
but i never bothered to activate them
i don't usually use credit cards anyway
plus we had an american express card
if we had to use it

fast-forward 7 months.
there was some weird activity on my american express card
i don't remember buying flowers in canada over valentine's day
(umm, it's 'cause i didn't...)
so, what better thing to do
than cancel that card?

I just didn't even realize that we were credit card-less..
until i tried booking our flights to hawaii.

i tried everything in my power to buy those tickets before they expired again
i had plenty of money in my checking account
and presumably several thousands of dollars allowed to be spent via credit
but alas, no credit card number, no tickets...
i even have a debit card that they could have used,
but the bank puts a limit of $1000/day
(for our safety, of course)
& by the time i thought of calling the bank to expand that limit
it was 5:15
and the bank was closed.

so, we considered borrowing a credit card
& writing a check to whoever would be so kind...
take a loss, considering all the "points" or "miles" we'd earn.
but, we decided after being bashed over the head with signs,
that we would just wait until our new cards came in the mail
& then try again to get tickets.

nobody knows what lies ahead for each of us
but i do know the God directs our paths.
i may never know why we weren't supposed to buy those tickets yesterday
but i know we weren't supposed to buy those tickets yesterday

since i was on the phone with delta or credit card companies all day yesterday
i didn't have a chance to post my what i wore wednesday...
so, happy belated wednesday, friends...
may your signs be bashed over your head
(it is, arguably, the best way to receive them)
and your credit cards be active ;)

dress- Old Navy
jeans- H&M
shoes- Kohls

oh, and, if you're still here...
just thoughts i'd let ya know,
i'm loving all these photo tips
from ruche
they're worth a look-see


  1. Oh my! That had to be frustrating! I love your attitude about it. :) And you look gorgeous as always!

  2. The pics with the mountains in the back remind me of the movie Heidi!! Love the outfit and I hope you can get some tickets to Hawaii!

  3. oh darn it! I'd be so mad! Hope you still get to go to Hawaii. I want to go so much, have never gone before!


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