Apr 11, 2012

my ruffly, frilly, orange and lavender, vintage, thrifted blouse

i've always kinda been into wearing vintage clothing
my favorite pair of pants in the ninth grade
was a pair of thick green and blue bell bottoms
(& this was 1998-so they weren't really "in style" per se...)
but ya know, if ya love something wear it, right?
i may have also rocked a pair of faux leather pants during that same time period
but there is no proof...

i mentioned the other day that i found a shirt at a thrift store
(that was almost as cool as Dia Frampton's, remember? remember?! yeah, prob. not)
when i found it it was about 4 sizes too big
and i had to hem it in on the sides and shorten the sleeves
& it's L.O.V.E.
i paired it w/a skirt because i was going to a church function
but i'm sure this would be uber cute with dark denim.

shirt | thrifted
skirt | thrifted
tights | target
shoes | tj maxx
earrings | pretty little me
(yay! finally found something to wear with my pretty little purple flower earrings!)
ya know the WWJD bracelets?
well, every time i shop i think WWEHD?
What Would Emily Henderson Do?
is that weird?
it never steers me wrong..
not in fashion...
and definitely not in home decor.


  1. Ahhh!
    Love your style! I'm wearing colored tights today... they're my fave!
    Beth from Through The Eyes of the Mrs sent me over... so happy she did!
    New fan {follower!}

  2. LOVE that top. You pull it off perfectly!

  3. Love that top! What a wonderful find. It reminds me a bit of the top I wore this week (only mine is new and from Kohl's :) Ooh and I love Emily Henderson...she is a good compass for design choices for sure. :)

  4. love the tights and those shoes - and girl, you are just so gosh darn cute!
    can i come over in colorful tights and watch once upon a time with you?!

  5. Hi, I'm Catherine and found you via WIWW... your shirt really stood, I LOVE vintage and this is sooo pretty! The colours are gorgeous, then I love how you've styled it with the skirt and tights/shoes, so cute and colourful!

    Catherine x

  6. Your style rocks my socks off! LOVE the colors you pulled together in this outfit. So daring and fun! Just found your blog from the WIWW! Great to meet you!

  7. I love that top! And the skirt is pretty fantastic too :)


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