Aug 31, 2011

pillow forms on the cheap

so, meandering down the aisles of wal*mart i found these
$2.50?! boo yeah! i'll take 10 :)

and i instantly had the idea that i should use these for making throw pillows for my master bedroom makeover

so, i got right to work!
1.  I just trimmed off the end of the pillow
2.  stuff the fluff further in for a really poofy pillow, or take out some fluff for a reg. 18x18 pillow form
3.  pin
4.  sew it back shut, i used a zig zag stitch
ta da! ready to go!

i used turquoise thread so you could see the stitches....oh, and because that's what was in my sewing machine and i'm lazy like that ;)
i literally bought nine of these, and i'm going to have to go back &get more because now my girls are excited about getting some throw pillows for their beds.  oh, and my 3 yr. old looks absolutely adorable riding in a shopping cart full of pillows :)
and....the results:

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now go sew a pillow!

xo- Danielle

Aug 29, 2011

they're back! back to school

don't get me wrong, i love my kids are pretty much the most wonderful kids ever made, if i do say so maself....but, it gives me a bit of a thrill that they're back in school.  (one just started kindergarten, so she's only gone 3 hrs, but heck, i can get a lot done in 3 hrs ;)

i might have more DIY  time
i might have more blogging time
i might have some sewing time
i might have some ME time
and, most importantly, i might have more 1-on-1 time with this cute little munchkin
precious much? uh, yes!! :)

a facebook friend of mine shared this lil poem, & i thought it was very fitting :)
Twas the night before school started;
When all through the town 
The parents were cheering....
It was a riotous sound. 
By eight the kids were washed 
And tucked into bed 
When memories of homework 
Filled them with dread. 
New pencils, new folders, 
New notebooks, too, 
New teachers, new friends- 
Their anxiety grew. 
The parents just giggled, 
When they learned of this fright. 
And shouted, “Upstairs! GO TO BED! 
xo- Danielle

Aug 5, 2011

instafriday yellow dresser!

I've been transforming my master bedroom, taking grainy cell phone pics along the way ;) here is my chest of drawers before, during and after.

the dresser belonged to my great-grandma, and it was a little sad to see it getting painted over...but it had definitely seen better days, the top of it was so worn, there wasn't any stain left in some spots.
 i started off by sanding and priming it, and i also added some turquoise paint to some of the details so turquoise would show through the yellow

I kept the original handles because i think they looked beautiful, and also to pay homage to my great-grandma...these pics are also a sneak-peek to my new wall color...who doesn't love gray and yellow?
 when you look at these close-up pics you can see how the turquoise shows through to add a little color to the details.  I also antiqued it a bit to show the wood grain through

 as soon as we got the dresser completed we started to paint the walls!!
follow my blog to see the complete, funky, gray and yellow bedroom soon :)
{ordering a new quilt today! so excited!}
xoxo- danielle
life rearranged

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