Aug 29, 2011

they're back! back to school

don't get me wrong, i love my kids are pretty much the most wonderful kids ever made, if i do say so maself....but, it gives me a bit of a thrill that they're back in school.  (one just started kindergarten, so she's only gone 3 hrs, but heck, i can get a lot done in 3 hrs ;)

i might have more DIY  time
i might have more blogging time
i might have some sewing time
i might have some ME time
and, most importantly, i might have more 1-on-1 time with this cute little munchkin
precious much? uh, yes!! :)

a facebook friend of mine shared this lil poem, & i thought it was very fitting :)
Twas the night before school started;
When all through the town 
The parents were cheering....
It was a riotous sound. 
By eight the kids were washed 
And tucked into bed 
When memories of homework 
Filled them with dread. 
New pencils, new folders, 
New notebooks, too, 
New teachers, new friends- 
Their anxiety grew. 
The parents just giggled, 
When they learned of this fright. 
And shouted, “Upstairs! GO TO BED! 
xo- Danielle


  1. Your girls are gorgeous little ladies, just like their momma!
    -Alyson Kirby

  2. thanks Alyson, you're so sweet :)


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