Aug 31, 2011

pillow forms on the cheap

so, meandering down the aisles of wal*mart i found these
$2.50?! boo yeah! i'll take 10 :)

and i instantly had the idea that i should use these for making throw pillows for my master bedroom makeover

so, i got right to work!
1.  I just trimmed off the end of the pillow
2.  stuff the fluff further in for a really poofy pillow, or take out some fluff for a reg. 18x18 pillow form
3.  pin
4.  sew it back shut, i used a zig zag stitch
ta da! ready to go!

i used turquoise thread so you could see the stitches....oh, and because that's what was in my sewing machine and i'm lazy like that ;)
i literally bought nine of these, and i'm going to have to go back &get more because now my girls are excited about getting some throw pillows for their beds.  oh, and my 3 yr. old looks absolutely adorable riding in a shopping cart full of pillows :)
and....the results:

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now go sew a pillow!

xo- Danielle


  1. What a great idea. Your pillows turned out great, too!

  2. fantastic idea! I am always waiting to buy pillow forms until they are on sale, I never thought of taking the cheapie big ones & making them the size I needed. The pillows look so fun!

  3. SUCH a great idea! I am so going to walmart tomorrow and copying this!


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