Jun 30, 2012

Hawaii week one

I saw this video on youtube about the 50 states & their stereotypes..Hawaii...
"if you lived here you'd be lazy, too"
you know it.
we're still feelin the island laziness
and hence, blogging doesn't feel too important.
but, it's July now..so I better just buck-up
and try not to be so laaaazy....

We took over 4000 pictures on our trip...
these are a select few from the first week
yes, this is just week ONE.

our first evening there

where we stayed

i *love* this driveway.

1st day at the beach

Hiking on the a'a trail to get to Makalawena...only have to walk to those trees in the distance..with 3 kids in water shoes carrying all their gear....

grandma and grandpa came with us to Hawaii! it was awesome to have a babysitter!!

makalawena beach, it's like heaven on earth

eating at Killer Tacos after a long day of hiking and swimming at Makalawena Beach

Ingrid celebrated her 6th birthday in HI

of course, all she wanted was giraffes!

hot tubbin!

chillin in the hammock

kealakekua bay, where the dolphins like to play.
i look like i'm about 12 years old right here...i think it's the ears..
also, i didn't get any sleep the night before, and had barfed a bit earlier. more on that later...

biggest tree I've ever seen...me and the 3 kids standing there...and we couldn't fit the whole tree in the frame.

That's 6 foot tall Jeremy up in the tree. that's one big ass tree.

chillin along Ali'i drive in Kona...I had the worst sunburn that first week!  When I see this picture I think..."damn, my back hurt SOOOO BAD!!"  My back hurt so bad I took lortab...5 lortabs in one12 hour period, walked through walmart like a stoned person trying to find pain-relieving spray, then barfed up a bagel on the side of the road...good times!

Beach 69

Swede snorkling

bum crack

the "weeds" off to the side of the road...

this is intense work making these sandcastles, ya know?!

There's no way i'm leaving the beach right now! you're the worst parents ever!

wailaia beach (aka beach 69) was so fun, we went there three times...plus, you could swim not very far and be at a gay nude beach. bonus!

seeing these pics makes me wanna hop a flight straight back to Hawaii asap!
it makes me wanna see ippy get his own show on the food network.
it makes me wanna start looking at real estate on the big island...
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