Dec 31, 2011

December chocolate making partay

I can't believe how fast December has gone by.  I'm a little behind, so I'm going to share the chocolate-making good time that we had last week ToDaY! :)

we bought the pine tree shaped mold and colorful chocolates at Joann's and my nieces came over and we had so much fun! We took the treats to parties throughout the week and they were a big hit :)  I've got a gajillion more photos i should post about our Christmas and anniversary and randomness of December...maybe that'll have to wait until January.  Happy New Year!
life rearranged

Dec 29, 2011

I've seen some pretty great "how they met" stories on TV and in the movies.  But, I've got the best how they met story ever.  Better than any movie.  It's legen- to the (wait for it....) -dary.

Remember way back in 1999 when everyone was anxious about Y2K? and people were ushering in the new millennium...only to figure out that the new millennium actually started when the clock turned from 2000 to 2001.
Jerry Seinfeld said, 
"Since there was no year zero, 
the millennium doesn't begin until the year two-thousand and one."

and that is the precise moment when my life began, too. December 31, 2000-January 1st 2001.

As a 17 year-old high school senior,  I worked at a nursing home as a Nurses Aide.  I had worked there bathing and feeding the elderly for nearly a year.  I was scheduled to work New Year's Eve that year which wasn't a problem because I was supposed to get off work at 11...plenty of time to make it to a party for the big midnight celebration.  That night, for some reason or another, I ended up leaving work a bit late, it was about 11:30 when I headed out to my friend's party.  It was about 11:45 when my car broke down.  Way back in those days, nobody my age had a cell phone.
So, I said to myself 
'if i can turn the key and it starts, i will just drive myself straight home. 
if i turn the key and it doesn't start- i will go to the nearest house and call home for help.'
I turned the key.
It started.
I began driving home.
I was about 3 blocks from home when the car stalled out again.  This time it wouldn't start again.  I was stuck in the dark on a hillside over-looking the town.  It was 11:55.
I popped the hood and got out of my car, I don't know what I was thinking I would do.  I don't know anything about cars.  I still don't know exactly what happened to my car that night (something about the engine seizing up...yeah, I'm pretty sure that's not good)  So, I stood there, looking down at the steaming engine block when a car pulled up beside me.  The stranger inside asked me if I needed some help.  He pulled over to help me.
Right as we met, the clock struck midnight.  It was the new millennium.  Fireworks began going off throughout the city.  We could hear as people in their homes came out to bang their pots and pans.  It was like Cinderella in reverse, just as the clock struck 12 our lives together began.
And from HIS point of view:
This was Jeremy's first New Year's celebration since returning from his 2 year mission in Albania.  He decided to go to a party of a friend of a friends.  When the party turned into watching Disney's Mulan, he and his friend decided they were way too bored to stay a minute longer.
Jeremy took his friend home and then headed toward his house.  That is when he saw me stranded on the side of the road, hood up, looking pretty helpless.  He, being the kind, helpful person he is, thought to himself
'if that's a cute girl, i'll stop and help her' 
haha- he really did tell me that later.  But, he added that he would've stopped regardless if I were cute or not...but he was glad that I was cute.
He drove me home that night.
Jeremy's parents tell me that he never would talk about girls. ever. but, that night, he came home and went right upstairs to tell them all about this girl he had met...
We were inseparable after that.
We were married nearly one year later on December 29, 2001.
Yep, I was 18 when I got married...but, hey, when you know, you know!

I couldn't ask for a better guy to be married to!
I often think back about how we met and think
"what kind of guy leaves a New Year's Eve party at 11:30?"
"what if my car hadn't started back up after the first time it stopped" (side note: I guess it was pretty miraculous that it did start again...from what I've heard engines that have seized up like that will not usually start up again)
and I think "what if I had gotten off of work at 11 like I was supposed to?"
and their are a million other things that run through my mind...there are other things from months before that that lead up to that moment.
I know I was being watched over.  
My favorite scripture has always been Proverbs 3:5-6  "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."  I know that our paths were directed toward each other.  And I thank God every day for that blessing!
Here's us. all fresh and young.

Jeremy.  He is so loving and kind.
He helps me with the kids all. the. time.
He packs lunches for our daughter to take to school.
He makes up bed time stories for the girls.
He has done more than his fair share of diaper changes, and he gets up to take our 3 year old daughter potty every night so she doesn't have an accident in her bed.
We still have never seen Mulan...if you're part of this family you run away from anything Mulan related, haha.. we even give Mulan a thumbs down when we're listening to our Lion King Pandora station, in memory of the night we met.
Jeremy never leaves the toilet seat up, and he always puts the toilet paper on the right way.
He made it a goal to put toothpaste on my toothbrush every night until death do us part.
He provides for us a beautiful home.
He thinks I'm pretty without any makeup on.
He treats me with respect.
He loves me unconditionally and shows my children what to look for in their future husbands.

and we lived happily ever after

I love you, Borgie!

Dec 28, 2011

What we wore- Christmas Day

I bought my girlies new dresses for Christmas. I was so excited to give them to them.  They are all matching in shades of cream and gold, but they're each unique, just like my girls!
Ingrid got a beautiful new giraffe, and Sofia got an awesome pink puppy, Swede got just what she wanted, a back scratcher.

little girls dresses: Kmart 
little girls sweaters: Downeast Outfitters
little girls headbands: Sugar Blossom Boutique
my dress: Downeast Outfitters
my necklace: Pretty Little Me
suit: Bonobos
I hope your Christmas was awesome and amazing! Now, on to the New Year...oh, and my wedding anniversary tomorrow...who's crazy enough to get married in between Christmas and New Years?? oh, that'd be me!
ps: a BIG thank you to our photographer extraordinaire!

pleated poppy

Dec 26, 2011

Music Mondays- My Mistake by: Smashing Pumpkins

Jeremy and I listened to this song over and over again on our honey moon.  It automatically brings us back to driving around in our Volvo station wagon, snowflakes pounding our windshield, winter 2001.  Good times!

We really like the song, it's sort of "our song" and with us celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year, I thought I'd share it with you :)
about Music Mondays
Each Monday I'd like to share with you a song/songs that I enjoy.
It's a way for me to share what music I'm listening to and, if you have a song or artist you're interested in you can share with me, too!
You can join in with me if you'd like, it's quite fun :)

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Music Mondays with Sugar Blossom Boutique
xo- Danielle

Dec 22, 2011

awkward and awesome

The other day, I took my 3 year old to Kohls.  We were running around looking for a shirt, and she told me she had to go potty. 

We ran over to the family restroom, (ya know, the one reserved for families) and swung the door open as wide as possible, and, to our surprise, there was an old man sitting on the toilet.  
in the family restroom. 
all by himself. 
"I am SO sorry!!" I yelled and slammed the door shut.  Did an abrupt 180 and headed to the other restroom, the one with all the stalls.  I couldn't stop laughing. 
Now for some awesomeness... my daughter, Swede came home from school the other day "I got a note from my teacher!"....I was curious/nervous and demanded she let me read it...  I really have the most awesome kids!
AWKWARD: well, ya know how it is, when you have a head cold and you don't want to get dressed, and you don't put on makeup?? yeah, that was me the other day.  And, of course, it's the day that all the neighbors decide to stop on by to deliver Christmas gifts to us.  Oh, and did I mention I decided to clean out our big old drawer of junk in our front room right before they stopped by? awkward.
  I spent Sunday afternoon making caramels with the kiddos (for our first time, ever), and awesome thing? they turned out fabulously (is that a word??)  Doesn't that just look delicious?? I could just eat her cheeks
I hope your Thursday is more awesome than awkward ;)

Dec 21, 2011

what i wore- date night!

It was so nice this past weekend to get out & go on a date, just the 2 of us!  We started out our evening at our favorite pizza place (practically the only place we ever go!)  Please excuse the rainy pictures, they're all from my phone...(candid...right??)

and only a teeny tiny amount of our date was spent shopping, so that was a win!  Here we are being goofy at Walgreens
Then, we went to see Sherlock Holmes, which was so much fun.  Then ended the night being goofy at home! :)

This is one of my favorite dresses because of the fun colors, and the cute brass buttons.  I always pair this dress with leggings because it's a little on the short side.
dress: juicy couture
leggings: walmart
boots: target
Linking up with Lindsay for What I Wore Wednesday!

pleated poppy

Dec 20, 2011

December Birthday Party

What to do, oh what to do, if you're turning 5 years old and your birthday is in December? Well, the birthday boy was 100% sure that Santa would show up at his party...and, he was right!
He was only a little apprehensive to sit on his lap
 Sofia was in awe that she was even in the same room as the big man, himself.
 And, she wasn't scared to sit on his lap
 This is Ingrid's natural smile (sarcasm)
Cousin Max's turn
Cousin Sadie, she loves pandas almost as much as Ingrid loves giraffes
 I'm pretty sure the rest of the kids thought they were way too old to sit on Santa's lap, but they were good sports :)

 I didn't even get any pics of the rest of the party..darn.  Jeremy's sister Mendy really know how to throw 'em!  We had so much fun hanging out with family and eating lots of food and decorating cookies, eating cake, basically stuffing ourselves as much as possible.  Hope you have lots of fun with your family this December!

Dec 18, 2011

Music Mondays- These girls can SING!

So, as I was perusing youtube, I couldn't decide on just one song for this Music is the last Monday before Christmas, afterall. {sidenote: where in the heck did this year go??} So, I've got not one, but 4 awesome Christmas songs for you.  And, they're all by awesome, empowered women singers.

First of all, Florence + The Machine a live version of Last Christmas.  Her voice is so beautiful, she could sing the phone book and we'd all cheer wildly:

An eerily beautiful version of Silent Night by Priscilla Ahn:

Enya? ok, i'm not a huge Enya fan, but this is so pretty {and this is one of my favorite songs to torture my kids with sing while i'm baking:

I LOVE Mindy Gledhill's new CD Winter Moon, she has such a clear, pretty voice!  Her voice in this song sort of reminds me of The Cardigan's lead singer, ya know, "love me, love me, saaay that you love me" you know what i'm talkin about, right??

well, I narrowed it down to 4 but their are so many awesome Christmas songs out there!  I didn't even get a David Archuleta Christmas song on the blog this month, darn it!  Be sure to share your favorites and link up! ;)
about Music Mondays
Each Monday I'd like to share with you a song/songs that I enjoy.
It's a way for me to share what music I'm listening to and, if you have a song or artist you're interested in you can share with me, too!
You can join in with me if you'd like, it's quite fun :)

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Dec 14, 2011

what we wore- looking hot and ugly

Jeremy bought some new suits and just couldn't wait til Christmas to wear one....actually, funny story.  He was ordering 3 suit coats and 2 pairs of pants from Bonobos and they had extremely heavy traffic on Cyber Monday and so, he pushed the checkout button about 19 times and it never would give him a receipt or even tell him that his order had been placed...until the next day, when he checked his email, he had order confirmations for 27 suit coats and 18 pairs of pants!  Good thing they have an awesome return policy!
 Oh, Daddy, we really look up to you!
 What a handsome family! (and Ingrid's photo-bombing again!)
 say cheese!
I couldn't resist...just had to have an ugly sweater this year
and little Ellie the Elephant just couldn't resist jumping into my arms
Now, I just gotta find the perfect tie to go with hubby's new suit :)
Merry Christmas!
xo- Danielle
pleated poppy
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