Sep 1, 2011

How to Turn an Old Door into a Headboard

saw this in martha stewart magazine forever ago

and made a mental note: i want to make one of those!  so....8 yrs later...
we followed these directions for making the headboard

my husband did 99% of the work! and it was hard!
we started with this:

the door was found at an antique store in slc....we actually bought about a dozen doors from them and refinished most of them to use in our house...ya know, like doors (not headboards:) but, we had some extras lying around.
they had about a hundred years worth of lead paint layered on them so hubs lovingly stripped the door..this is the only time in our marriage i let him play with stripper (s) haha

i helped with the sanding a lil bit :) hubs was worried about inhaling lead paint so i was obligated to wear this mask {and yeah, my hair usually does look that fabulous :p }

Then came the fun part!! painting it!
I was inspired by my friend Leonora's photographs: check em out, check em out {uh, yeah, those are lyrics to a song....nobody probably know what i'm talking about ;) }

photos courtesy of:

Aren't the buoys awesome??? so, i wanted to replicate this look for my headboard...and several times in the process of re-creating this i thought "am i insane?!" but I think it turned out awesome!

if you care to know how to do this here are the steps:  (and, yeah, it took me a few tries to get it right)
1.  beat the heck out of the door.  i used a hammer and a screw...lay the screw down and hit it with a hammer on the twisty part, it makes a cool design :)
2.  cover that bad boy with all sorts of funky paint colors {trust me, i did some not so funky colors the first time and it's not so great}
3.  cover those funky colors with wax ...i used my husbands snowboard wax cause that's what i had on hand.  a candle might possibly work..any kind of hard wax would probably do {trust me, you want to put a lot of wax on this bad boy.  i did just a little bit of wax the first time and it wasn't so great}
4.  paint the top-coat. i used a fabulous turquoise :)
5. while the paint is still wet-ish start scraping it off.  this works best when the paint is super-sticky still- but not too wet...but not too dry.  uh-huh, you get the point right? {if you wait too long, the paint won't come off}
6.  i coated mine with a high-gloss clear spray paint because i thought it'd look super awesome high gloss (and it does)

wherever the wax was, the paint will easily rub off.  i just used the clean end of a stir stick i had sitting around....or use the dirty end, i don't care :)

so, it's pretty easy, (the painting part atleast) if you have me as your guide {which i didn't...that's why it took me a few times}

still working on completing the look w/more pillows


  1. umm HELLO amazing headboard! homegirl you hit the nail on the head. Bub's and I JUST made a headboard too, we also did that distressed look. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to have fun and use awesome colors like you did so mine is just gray (snooze)

    seriously, awesome job. My hat goes off to you <3

  2. That is fantastic! I love it! You are like me...I see an idea but it doesn't come to fruition for years. LOL. Very pretty. And I'm jealous you have all those lovely doors in your house, too! Great find.

  3. You ALMOST make me want to work on decorating my house! It looks great! I used to try to make my house look nice. I am currently in the 'I've given up' mode.

    Someday, maybe you'll let me hire you! When yarn and hats no longer occupy so much space in my home!

    Hope you're having fun at Swiss Days :)

    Great blog too!!!

  4. I love it! It looks awesome. I have also been digging the door to headboard look, but I don't know that my husband will go for it.

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! I go gaga for anything turquoise, so this headboard had me at hello! I'm pinning right now!

  6. This is Totally wait for it.....AWESOME!!! kinda reminds me of Lilly and Marshals headboard on "How I met your Mother" Great Job!! Lovin the Jazzy colors too:) Deidre~


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