Sep 30, 2011

the adventures of borgie and muddbutt

jeremy and i traveled 3 hours by car and countless hours on foot to reach palisades, idaho a place jeremy had told me about for the last 10 years.
for those of you not interested in an agonizing 6 hour hike with large backpack on i guess i'll share ;)
yes! freeze-dried dinner...not too shabby!

DAY 1: we slept in the back of our car and had fun taking goofy photos using super-long exposure :) check out these fun photos
wrote my name with a flaming stick!
aren't those cool? i didn't do anything to them, that's just how they turned out...

we were having fun photographing until i heard a noise..we turned our flashlights around to see two shiny eyes staring at us.  we don't know what animal it was...i asked jeremy what if he thought it was something dangerous he said  no, it was probably a skunk or porcupine.  uh, hello, getting sprayed by a skunk or pricked by a porcupine doesn't sound like fun, but...we just went in the car and stayed away from those shiny eyes!

DAY 2: the hiking began...uh, if your shoe feels "a little uncomfortable" at the half-mile mark, you're going to want to shoot your foot off by the 15 mile mark to relieve the pain. (i know this from experience)
me, and my foot pain...just wrap it in tape.  that's what climbing tape is for, right? oh, it's not.
here is one of 2 lakes we saw during our trip, it was so pretty and had moose in it

when we finally made it to camp (about 4 hours) we set up the tent, had "lunch" and i took a nap while jeremy went fishing

lunch: beef jerky, pistachios, and crystal light, mmm :)
so, i have never fly-fished in my life until now, which is crazy because jeremy was teaching me how to fish when we were 1st married....but i never got around to actually doing it.
it was actually a lot of fun
 however, asking me to walk up a river in waders is like asking a very clumsy person to walk on a moss-covered tight rope with clown shoes on....
falling on gross mossy rocks right on my butt....hence, the new nickname "muddbutt"
 had an awful nights sleep in the tent...nightmare woke us all up with me yelling "get out of here" at the top of my lungs at 1:30 am...ok, i'm not gonna get into that :)
DAY 3: hiked to the upper lake which had crystal clear turquoise blue water.  very beautiful!
upper lake, palisades idaho. seriously beautiful.  the lake, not me, haha

on the way back down to the car we had to pass by the lower lake, the lake w/ all the moose in it.  we were walking down the trail talking loudly as to scare all the moose away...well, apparently we weren't loud enough as i got within 6 feet of a bull and a cow moose hiding in the willows!! i startled them and they ran off into the lake.  these moose are like 9 feet tall, y'all! it was FREAKY! we continued down the path, jeremy in the lead this time....and he ended up about 10 feet away from a mama moose and her calf...i was freaking out...(whispering freaking out, but freaking out nonetheless!) luckily the mom moose didn't charge us and walked away. gah! talk about adrenaline rush!
death by moose trampling? no thanks

These are some of the little things that made all the difference

1. eating a fruit roll up after 5 miles...seriously a fruit roll up NEVER tasted so good!

2. hubby offered to carry my backpack the last 100 yards or so
A true gentleman.    #swoon
3.  jeremy filtered water for us every day from the stream w/o complaint
he's so good to me :)

4.  i didn't get trampled by a moose and die

5.  fallen leaves along foot paths are one of my favorite little things

4.  we went and got juicy delicious extra large hamburgers french fries and milkshakes at Rulon Gardner's Burger Barn when it was over....right before our bodies shut down, haha

good bye palisades, you rock...but i don't plan on coming back for a while

xo- Danielle

Aisle to Aloha


  1. So jealous of you being all outdoorsy!

    Love the pictures.
    Glad you didn't get trampled by a moose!
    Although I would like to meet one.. haha

  2. Wow. What an amazing adventure!

  3. How gorgeous! We are actually looking at that brand of freeze dried food for our emergency supply (should we ever need to evacuate due to wild fire or earthquake). Glad to hear someone say it was kind of alright!

    Looks like a beautiful adventure. I've never been tent camping! We went in a camper when I was little. I think I would have died over seeing beedy eyes looking back at me in the darkness!

  4. Fun adventure! I want to learn how to fly fish! Sweet.

  5. I am dying to go camping, still trying to form out a plan of attack for the island... The photo of you writing with a flaming stick is awesome!!! I'll have to try sometime :)

  6. Awesome lil adventure! Love the flaming stick picture!

  7. Omg these pictures are amazing! Seeing your photographs makes me want to go do this, like, right now! Love the fire pictures :)


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