Sep 9, 2011

instafriday Swiss Days edition

so, we spent the last week at swiss days, a swiss-themed arts&crafts show in Midway, Utah
it was a ton of fun, and hard work:
here's a look at their quaint lil city

everything is so swissy there, it's almost cheesy, haha jk
setting up our booth
typical: husband: working, me: taking a photo break, kids: goofing off
booth's up, let the madness begin!
{if you want a better look at the hubby's artwork visit here:}
I mean, just look at how old they are...
reminds me of the band at my wedding :D
i wanted to buy this, but i didn't. #bummer
this old lady had a killer cool purse so i snatched a pic all stealthy and sly-like
isn't it purty?
went hot-tubbin every night
and this little guy  humongous bug joined us every night right by the hot tub
{so, of course, my hubby had to bring it inside the condo and pretend to throw it at everyone!}
one last look at Midway until next time :)
and, in case you missed my Swiss Days outfit, you can see it here
xo- Danielle

life rearranged

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  1. Happy Insta-Friday & Happy weekend! Swiss days looks like so much fun & I love that purse & that couch. The couch is swoon worthy!


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