Sep 29, 2011

what i wore camping

i love participating in "what i wore wednesday" because like Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy says "this is a place i created to keep myself accountable to getting out of my yoga pants and tshirts and to put a little effort into myself." 

and getting out of my yoga pants {or sweat-shorts (don't ask)} is something that everyone that sees me (especially jeremy) can appreciate ;)

jeremy and i went backpacking this past week.  it was strenuous, agonizing and fun :D
I am sharing these what i wore camping photos because sometimes life isn't about getting dressed up, or looking your best.  sometimes life is about making memories.  afterall, when it's all said and done....when life is over- what will we have? no, we won't care about the stylish outfits we wore or if i posted a what i wore wednesday on a thursday (oops)'s the memories we have with the people that we love.  That's what we'll take with us, what will matter most.
mmm hmm, thermals under the just made sense at the time.
hat- old navy
jackey- eddie bauer
shorts- gap
thermals- north face

hat- target
capilene- patagonia
pants- american eagle
shoes- kill me now if i ever have to wear those again

I have all the details of our backpacking adventure coming soon, now, go make some memories with the people you love!


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