Sep 20, 2011

diy upcycled pillows

so i bought a quilt online from anthropologie
it's kinda a big deal to me, because i never spend that much money
and when it came to my house
i wasn't in love with it
i was in like with it
all the colors were different than i thought they would be
the colors were so different it was hard to find fabric to coordinate to make matching pillows
i actually had to get paint chip samples and carry them around in my purse so that i could match colors while i was at various stores
{carrying these around was actually my husband's brilliant idea}
i found this skirt at old navy on clearance for $10
the color was perfect, and i loved the ruffles... so i made it into a pillow using my $2.50 pillow form trick

the finished pillow:
and while looking at my color samples it reminded me of a sweater i don't ever wear anymore
i bought this sweater on clearance for $10 back in 2003, it gets a lot more use now as a pillow
the pretty pillow with the bow:

with the sweater all stuffed with a pillow my husband said it reminds him of what i looked like when i tried to wear it when i was pregnant....uh, yeah, maybe that's why i never wear this sweater anymore!

so here's the complete look w/all 3 new pillows i made
and now i love it!
and i LOVE  the painting my husband painted that he hung above our headboard
he painted it when he was 17 years old! yeah, he's amazing like that :)

and, i just have to show you the other amazing painting that my husband painted-

how can you not love this teddy roosevelt painting?! 
i'm trying to talk my husband into painting more of the presidents in this style, wouldn't that be amazing?
let me know what you think :) i'd love to hear from you!
xo- Danielle


  1. i really like the ruffle pillow! I am going to have to check out my closet for some clothes I am not wearing & make some new throws. I like the anthro quilt too, but I know how hard it is to splurge on something & then not love it! Your husbands paintings are amazing!

  2. it looks AMAZING!!! love that comforter ( or is it a duvet? ). either way, you did an awesome job pulling it all together!

  3. The whole effect is gorgeous Danielle! I especially love the ruffled pillow from a skirt - so creative!

  4. I am obsessed with the artwork. Obsessed. Why doesn't your husband paint in this style anymore?


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