Sep 23, 2011

instafriday tres chic children

here: an example of the boundless creativity and endless fashion faux pas that exist at our house
the 5 year old got the three year old dressed
and i think that's stellar
and here: sofia with one of her favorite things
"thems in wuv" {her lions are in love}
can you feel the love tonight?
 sweden, oh sweden...she lost her front tooth
i thought for sure the tooth fairy would leave $1
surprise she left $5
 and my little helper Ingrid <3
stylish as always in her 3D glasses

 and i don't know what we'd do w/o this little guy
oh yeah..."hims a girl" as sofie would say ;)

linking up for instafriday with life rearranged :)
what have you been up to this week??

xo- Danielle
life rearranged


  1. Your girls are such stylish :) stopped by from Insta Friday-love it!

  2. That is a cool dog. Where did you get it? Whoever gave it to you must be cool.

  3. @anonymous ....i know right?! coolest dog ever, a very cool person gave it to her :)

  4. I got an eight year old with the same tooth out!! haha!!

    love all your week in pics!!!


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