Apr 9, 2012

bottom's the topic of the day

our easter sunday convo:

me:  What should i post for music monday?
jer:  I like that Kate Nash song...It's funny whenever british people sing about bottoms
me: yeah.   like queen singing fat bottom girl?
jer:  what? what's fat bottom girl?
me: (singing loudly) "fat bottom girl you make the rockin' world go round"
jer: hmm, i've never heard that,
me:  I'll put it on right now!

so, as we drove to our easter party we listened to Queen, Fat Bottomed Girls
it wasn't very spiritual, but umm, we did listen to lots of hymns earlier in the day
so i guess we're even.

anyway, here's the Kate Nash song Merry Happy
the lyrics are pretty genius, and I DO love her!
Jeremy was right, british people singing about bums is hilarious

and of course i couldn't leave out the
fat bottomed girls

Happy Music Monday, if you have a music post, go ahead and link up :)
or leave a comment letting me know what you're listening to lately!xo

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