Apr 30, 2012

see ya later, utah

24 hrs from now I'll be hopping on a flight to Hawaii with these goofballs!

I'm feeling extremely blessed that we get to go spend 3 weeks in Hawaii..
yes, 3 weeks! gah! so blessed!

I guess our next family photos will be taken with the ocean behind us
instead of the pretty rolling hills of utah
I've never been to Hawaii, I haven't traveled much in my 29 years...
the kids have never been on an airplane, never seen the ocean...

 I will blog occasionally from Hawaii if I have wifi, and if I can keep my eyes open after long days of snorkeling, swimming and laying in the sun.

Be sure to follow me on instagram (sugarblossomboutique) and twitter (@sugarbtweets)... I'm sure I'll be posting lots of sweet Hawaiian pics.  Until then...

PS: If you are Grace Mitton you've won any item you want from DownEast Basics!


  1. Ah! So fun! Have a blast! I can't wait to hear how it is!

  2. Have a great time! I've never been, but it seems like heaven!

  3. You lucky girl! I just got home from 2 weeks in Hawaii and I'm dying to go back! Have a wonderful time.


  4. woohoo! i live in hawaii and it's such a great place to relax and vacation :) hope you guys have a great time!

    please stop on by:

  5. Great pictures! follow me and I'll follow you back! I can also follow you on twitter and bloglovin!




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