Apr 27, 2012

instafriday- birthday boy

yesterday was my husband's birthday and i had a really cute, funny, even tear-jerking post all lined up...
in my head.
and then we just spent the entire day with each other and i didn't get on the computer....
but, which is more important? right?
Jeremy's parents took us out to breakfast at a new restaurant in town called herm's
i guess it used to be an old diner way back in the day,
and they've recently gave it a renovation.
i'm very much in love with the architecture and the care that they took during the remodeling.
check it out

they spared no expense and the whole building is trimmed-out in copper.
I <3 copper...
the inside was amazing as well,
everything was done with a vintage modern feel.
the booth tables were just large slabs of white marble connected to industrial looking metal posts with wheels

the light fixtures were all amazing,
i love the style & i don't usually get to witness it 1st-hand in our little town

the bar was amazing

and the food was great
avacados for me!
 can't beat a pancake the size of a pizza! :)

all drinks were served out of mason jars
bunch of hipsters
birthday boy opening his card
his card
kiss the monkey
it was a really fun time, though i'm sure the fam was sick of me taking pictures
i take that back, the kids never get sick of getting their picture taken ;)

my husband drooled over this bad boy ;)
(and i drooled over him, haha)
(but, seriously, he's HOT)
we went to dinner too, of course & celebrated with some yummy pizza and desserts

and a nice phenomenon, when waitresses see me trying to take pics of the fam they offer to take a photo of the whole family, how nice :)

and I'm blogging to you today from my husbands new macbook pro...happy birthday, borgie!
xo danielle

life rearranged

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