Mar 12, 2012

Don't Kick the Chair

I've loved Dia Frampton ever since I saw her for the first time on last season's The Voice
& I was super thrilled when i figured out she's from Utah, (way to represent, girl!!)
not only is her voice beautiful, so is she:
 she has a sorta thrift-store shopper vibe that I dig.
speaking of thrift store shopping, I went the other day
and I bought a cool shirt that kinda looks like the top of this dress
and, yeah, it was $3

I love this song!
also, you can read a really cool interview about Dia HERE
and you can buy her album Red on amazon for $5 HERE
$5, yall, that's crazy!
Hope your monday is great!
if you have a song or band you'd like to share,
you can link up here (please include Music Monday blog button in your post)
or leave a comment.
I'd love to hear what you've been listening to :)

OH! don't forget to enter this giveaway for $40 worth of free stuff from The Little Illustrator, so fun!

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  1. Love her! She was my favorite too. She is touring with Blake Shelton now and he is coming here next week. My husband is going for Blake and I am going for Dia :)

  2. I was so glad she won last season!!! Did NOT know she was from!!! She's adorable!!! Love the song! Thanks for the update on her cuz I hadn't heard anything about what was going on with her. As for this season, let's just say I keep deleting it from my DVR without watching the episodes cuz Christina is too painful to watch....she's a porn star / mean girl. I just wish she would shut up and let the other judges talk without being such a jerk. Love the other three judges. :)


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