Mar 4, 2012


when i heard the topic of today's
self-portrait saturday 
was eyes
i thought
oh, what a coincidence
i just plucked my eyebrows for the 1st time this year
(no joke)

and also i just got my new glasses
so i thought now would be a great time to show you
headband info
yes, i know...this one is fuzzy but i like it anyway


  1. I LOVE these! Your style is adorable! I want to steal it! Love the glasses and your eyes are beautiful! Very naturally pretty. Can't wait to keep following!

  2. I love your glasses! They look perfect on you. Good job with the pictures too. I got new glasses last week and tried and tried to get a photo of them for facebook. I'm terribly with a camera, especially when taking pictures of myself.

  3. I agree, I like the fuzzy one too! LOOOOVE the new glasses. I'm getting new glasses this week...I can't wait!

  4. so lovely! love those glasses on you too! thanks for linking up!!!
    xox dana

  5. Love this and I love your headband!


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