Mar 19, 2012

...& her hair's bad ass

I'm finally caught up on this season's The Voice
and I'm loving Lindsey Pavao
I'm loving her unique voice
and her unique style
i wish i could sing like her

and here's a vid i found of Lindsey Pavao
singing Flagpole Sitta
love it :)

also, here's a song that Lindsey wrote called
The Archer and The Arrow
I love this song
is sounds like it would fit right in on a Hunger Games soundtrack, don'tcha think?
so dark and moody

feel free to link up your Music Monday post!
I'd love to hear what you're listening to :)
Are you listening to The Voice this season?
who's your fav. contestant this season??

Sugar Blossom Boutique


  1. she's my fav! i'm rooting for her.

    i also loved the sandwich guy until they kicked him off...ugh.


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