Mar 1, 2012

ooh baby, baby

what could be better than a newborn baby?
how's about 2
how's about boy/girl twins
and what's even better than all of that?
-being the aunt of new boy/girl twins- and not their mother (no offense, i just don't know if i could handle it, haha)
My brother's wife is expecting twins next month so we celebrated with a Noah's Ark themed baby shower
 2 peas in a pod cupcakes
the mama
 the papa
the big sister
the hosts

the bump
Can't wait to meet Hazel and Henry!!!


  1. Wow!
    Your sister in law looks amazing!

  2. Cute! You got a good belly bump pic!

  3. Being an aunt of twins is the best! I LOVE their names! I hope all goes well, she looks fantastic!


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