Mar 23, 2012

New Spring Collection by Sugar Blossom Boutique

I've had so much fun working with these fabulous spring colors, i hope you like 'em!
One of my favorite parts was doing the photography :)

The Boom Boom Pow

Sweet Mint
 Do The Hokey-Pokey Polka-Dot

I am a Robot BeEp bEeP BeeP!
Two Scoops of Peach, Please

Team Tangerine

and, my favorite: the Ruffly Fluffly headband

a big thanks to my cutie pie models!
 don't forget to enter to win a $20 credit to my shop over at Oh, Sweet Joy's blog


  1. These are ALL gorgeous. I love the ones that you made for us. I hope everything is going great with you.

  2. So adorable :) love the colorful ruffles!

  3. Darling, darling, darling! And the pictures look amazing! :-)


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