Mar 26, 2012

Songs from District 12 and Beyond...

So, did ya see Hunger Games yet?? It rocked my socks!
I give the book an A+
and the movie a solid A (which even after a bajillion glute exercises I can't seem to achieve, haha)
There were a few parts that seemed a bit rushed but, hey, we can't have a 4.5 hr. movie right??
anyway, how about that Caesar Flickerman??
Caesar Flickerman, you da man :) {via}

 haha, loved every scene with him...he was perfect in that role, and epitomized what I imagined for the Capitol people.
I absolutely loved the parts of the movie where you get to see the gamemakers at work.
It was totally awesome to see the behind-the-scenes of how they make the games work, I thought. Can't wait for Catching Fire! (Nov. 2013, btw)

Now, enjoy a few songs from the Hunger Games soundtrack...
and daydream about Finnick, hehe

Sugar Blossom Boutique

I love and appreciate all of your link-ups and I personally check each of them out! :)


  1. Oh come on! I give your A a solid A+++++++++++.

  2. I have the soundtrack on repeat :)

  3. Loved Hunger Games! It was so so amazing. Music was awesome

  4. He was perfect! Have yous seen this? Hunger Games rated G. They actually do a really good job. Unbelievable!

    1. just watched! that's freaking hilarious! I had to share it on my fb page ;) thanks for sharing !!

  5. I read through Catching Fire yesterday and finished Mockingjay today. I'm obsessed!!! Saw the movie Saturday night and it was great. I thought they did a really great job. There were a couple of parts I thought they could have left out which weren't in the book but overall I'd give it a good solid A too. And Jesus, we have to wait till November 2013 for the next movie? I'll be 27 for Pete's Sake! Lol! Oh and right now I'm in love with the song Abraham's Daughter by Arcade Fire - they play it first during the credits at the end. LOVE!


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