Jul 10, 2012

love fresh raspberries

OK, this belongs on fail blog or lame book or something like that...
it actually came from my very own facebook feed
from my very own ummm... someone related to me...
be sure to read the 1st comment...

who knew loving raspberries could raise up such hellish fury?
this is what i think about sometimes as i pick raspberries...
i feel bad for the guy whose wife calls him a disgusting fat puke
(yes, that was his wife that said that *forehead slap*)

but back to the subject at hand:

aren't they the best??!!
once, when i was about 10, i was walking home from school and i walked past a bush with beautiful red ripe raspberries and somewhere deep in my subconscious "must have raspberry bush when i grow up" became part of my bucket list.
i love picking raspberries off of our bush that started out small and now takes over a 50 square foot area.   Picking raspberries is like a treasure hunt.  A sunny, delicious treasure hunt.  It makes me feel like a kid again :)

i love to put my fresh raspberries on top of a yummy brownie with a scoop of ice cream.
and if that makes me a disgusting fat puke i'm okay with it.
have a beautiful, delicious, non-disgusting day mmmmkay?


  1. Raspberry is my favorite shake flavor, especially if there's a lemon ice cream base!

    That woman needs to be punched. I can't believe she talks to him like that AND IN PUBLIC! Wow! Loooow class woman.

    Love you, Danielle!!! So glad you're blogging again!!

  2. I love raspberries too! It's so cool that you planted your own bushes. I want to do that.

  3. Too bad he goes back for more of the same over and over.


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