Jul 16, 2012

you're dying because of what??

we were driving home after a funeral this weekend,
and apparently Ingrid had drank a LOT of water at the luncheon thingy after the funeral.
she had to PEE SO BAD
she was in the back seat doing a potty dance...
"i'm gonna die, i'm gonna die!"
she kept shouting because she had to pee so bad.
"i'm going to die from PEE-ness!!!"

really? you're going to die from PENIS?
jeremy and I were busting out laughing the whole way home...

i LOVE these cray cray kids!


  1. Wahahaha, this is awesome. I love our children's humor. I got to actually start explaining penis and vagina the other day. Agh, not ready for that considering that in our house it's a pee pee and a hooo haw

  2. Hilarious! Love those pictures!


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