Jul 13, 2012

672 worms later...

cousins came over and we baked some fun patriotic cherry pies from scratch.
by "from scratch" i mean, we literally climbed the cherry tree,
picked the cherries
(got all the worms out of the cherries...eww.)
and made the pie crust.
I don't know how much more "from scratch" you can get
unless you raised your own chickens and used their eggs.
(which some of my friends do...ok, now i feel like a cheater using store-bought eggs ;)
this entire process took about 4 hours, which is entirely way too long for baking a pie
but entirely not enough time to visit with my cute nieces!
my girls each made their own little baby pie, they loved rolling out the dough and cutting out the stars!
I think this picture says it all...

we didn't get a chance to do our hair, but we made pies and that was way more fun!
hope have a fun, memory-making kind of day :)
linking up with jeannett for instafriday!

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