Jul 19, 2012

our duties and a vintage schwinn

we're heading to Salt Lake to deliver some artwork to a client.
i'm feeling so blessed that my husband can use his talents to earn money for our family.
so blessed that their are people out there who have the means & desire to buy artwork even in this economy.
so blessed that God has given him this talent.
and that i might be able to talk hubby into stopping by Anthro and Urban Outfitters while we're in SLC, hehe.

We've had church lock-up duty this week.  It's where hubs is in charge of making sure the church is locked up every night before we go to bed...

"Maybe I am not meant for these duties.
 Cooking duty.
Dead guy duty.
Maybe it's time for me to get a better duty!"

We actually have really thought having lock-up duty was the bees knees because we don't have a great place near our home for the kiddos to ride bikes so we've taken them down to the church parking lot to ride bikes for an hour or so each night.  It's been one of the highlights of their summer so far, which shows how lame our summer has been, haha.

the barbie bike is too small now so she inherited the awesome orange vintage schwinn 

you go girl, ride that schwinny goodness for all it's worth

I guess I was inspired by the kids athleticism...or I was too lazy to drive to the gym...but I also got a couple of bike rides in this week...rode long enough and far enough to make not only my legs hurt but also some unspeakable places...
anyway, this is my "i'll cut you" look.  I was mad at the photographer for reasons unknown and this is what he gets in return.  nice.
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  1. I guess you're not counting your awesome trip to Hawaii as part of your lame summer!

  2. You are lame. Hawaii, SLC, Jackson and shopping. Lame-O!

  3. Hi there, love your blog (and your clothes)! I came here from the Violet Hill Boutique Facebook page.

    I'm going to add yours to the list of local blogs on my blog www.lisaloveslogan.com. Is that okay? If you'd prefer not to have it there, let me know. I can't tell if you really blog about anything local, but your photos are all local and so is your husband's art...so I think it fits.


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