Feb 1, 2012


Years ago, Jeremy gave me this awesome wool coat for Christmas...i've worn it every winter since then and always get a ton of compliments.  It has all of my favorite colors, turquoise, grass green, grey, and it's all embroidered with a beautiful floral, kinda cherry blossomy print.
This is the outfit I wore to help out in Swede's class.  I was thinking that the dress would be kinda flattering because with the puffed sleeve and the flared skirt it might give the illusion of more of an hourglass figure...then i saw the pics *sigh* yeah, my optimism turned into a sigh.  oh well.
dress: Kohls
jeans: target
shoes: target

Now, for some  really cute stuff! 
Swede and Ingrid were my photographers.

This is what i typically look like on a stay at home type of day, although usually my hair's in a ponytail.  I'm a typical jeans and a t shirt type of girl most days, and I definitely wear my pretty grey slippers around the house all day long.  Just keepin it real!
Ingrid made me this beautiful, and practical necklace.  (it's a red crayon taped onto a super large elastic and i love it tttthhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssss much!) when I told her I was going to put a picture of it on my blog her eyes lit up and she was so excited! So, Ingrid, this is for you, baby girl!
this is my "i got a package from Victoria's Secret today look" ;)
I'm not the only one with an "i got a package from Victoria's Secret look" am i??
shirt: Down East
jeans: Target
slippers: Kohls
necklace: Ingrid


  1. You shouldn't SIGH...you are adorable and that dress outfit is adorable!

    P.S. your "daily" attire is waaaaayyyy cuter than mine.....

  2. You are definitely not the only one with an "I got a package from Victoria's Secret look" - I have one too! :)


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