Feb 9, 2012

pictures are worth a thousand words

we headed up to our local ski resort last week
& on the way we got pulled over.
I think the pics say more than words
(though I did add words, just for fun;)

and then, there's Jeremy...
he was 16 the last time he got pulled over, 
he doesn't look too happy:
But, the craziest thing happened...
the cop didn't give us a ticket, just a warning...
(choirs of angels came down singing hallelujah, it was crazy>!!!)

Ya know how they say "it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt"?
I want to add to that...it's all fun & games until somebody gets cold...

we accidentally packed Sofia's capri snow pants 
(aka: the 2T's instead of the 4T's) 
I think the face says it all
she got COLD real fast
and MAD real fast!
so, I took her to the lodge, 
sat by the fire, 
had some hot cocoa 
and a rice crispy treat 
and we took a nap!
and jeremy continued to try to herd cats
by the end of the day, the kids had caught on pretty well. 
it was ingrid's first time and she was pretty awesome.
It was swede's 2nd yr. and she rocked it again as per her usual
if you need me i'll be in the lodge

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  1. Hahaha!!! I love it! What a fun family trip.

  2. I LOVE the caption shot. THat is hilarious. Thank you for the afternoon chuckle! :) PS Your kids look like better skiers than me. for real!

  3. Great pictures! Glad you didn't get that ticket. Really cute post.


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