Feb 6, 2012

the one about the prostitute

 The song This is Your Life by The Killers is about a stripper named Candy. 
This song is about hope.  If you have been dealt a terrible lot in life, you don't have to resign yourself to that.  There's always hope for something better.  This is a beautiful song, have a listen.

For Valentine's Day Jeremy gave me The Killers Live From Royal Albert Hall cd and dvd. it's amazing!  Yes, he gave me my v-day present the first week in January because he couldn't wait...
Here is This is Your Life LIVE!

Candy talks to strangers
Thinks her life's in danger
No one gives a damn about her hair
It's lonely down on track street
She used to go by Jackie
The cops, they'll steal your dreams and they'll kill your prayers
Take a number where the blood just barely dried

Wait for something better
No one behind you
Watching your shadows
This feeling won't go

Crooked wheels keep tuning
Children, are you learning
Climatize but don't you lose the plot
A history of blisters
Your brothers and your sisters
Somewhere in the pages we forgot

Take a number Jackie
Where the blood just barely dried
You know I'm on your side

Wait for something better
No one behind you
Watching your shadows
You gotta be stronger than the story
Don't let it blind you
Rivers of shadow
This feeling wont go

And the sky is full of dreams
But you don't know how to fly
I don't have a simple answer
But I know that I could answer
Something better

This feeling won't go

Wait for it

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  1. Love that song and I Love the Killers too! And that dvd is AMAZING!

  2. love the blog doll! can't wait to read more!

    newest follower! ♥
    follow back?

    hugs, xo!


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