Feb 24, 2012

Pass it Forward Project

I'm excited to share with you something very exciting from Ashley @ The Shine Project
Her new, inspired idea is called Pass It Forward
The idea behind it is to serve others.
The exciting new twist behind it is that you get to see where it goes! :)
It starts with a card like this, and after doing a small service
you pass the card along to the next person!
I think Ashley, herself says it best:

Pass It Forward was designed to get people to do little things, everyday, that makes an impact on the community around them. Pass it Forward is designed around a card. Each card is given a unique ID number. Lets say we're at McDonalds, and I decide to pay for the person behind me in the drive through. I'd give the cashier the card, and tell them to pass it along to the next car when the give them the food that has been paid for. I then go home and log into the website that was on the card, and find my unique ID number. I log into it, and add my information... My first name, city, and a description of what I did....
If the person behind me was you, you would pass it forward to someone else, 
and then would go home and do the same thing.
From the very beginning, you will be able to track where your card goes, and how many people you affect just by doing one simple act of kindness.
I'm so excited about this project!
I think it's such an awesome addition to be able to see where your card ends up!
As of right now, you can get a pack of 10 cards HERE for $2.50....
or, you can just wait around and see if a card ends up in your fingertips....
but which one sounds like more FUN?!

"Service changes people. 
It refines, purifies, gives a finer perspective, 
and brings out the best in each one of us. 
It gets us looking outward instead of inward. 
Righteous service is the expression of true charity, such as the Savior showed."
--Derek A. Cuthbert,
 Ashley will be featuring each Friday on her blog stories of people who have shared their card.
Are you going to be one of them?



  1. This is such a beautiful thing to do. I just wish the whole world would get involved but some people are just not nice enough to do a simple nice thing to one person. x

  2. Very well said! I'm so excited about this and can't wait to get started.

  3. That is awesome!!! What a wonderful idea!

  4. What a great idea! I can't wait to shine on & pass it forward!


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