Feb 17, 2012

bow chicka wow wow

broke my glasses playing naughty librarian, haha,jk
but i am getting new glasses
whattaya think?

yes, i made my hubby go glasses shopping. on valentines day. i'm nice like that.

and jeremy knows the way to my heart is through shopping and food
so he took me to lunch with sofia

she's head over heels for her daddy

 I know the way to jeremy's heart is to go climbing, so we stopped and took a little climb after lunch.
sofia's first time at the climbing gym

I tell ya, nothing's hotter than a guy that cares about his family!!
so, we went out to lunch...and out to dinner...and out for dessert, too. (spoiled)
and dinner was at cafe rio (mmm, sweet pork salad, my fave!)
and dessert at another restaurant where they have ginormous hot cookies with ice cream and chocolate and caramel syrup on top.
He's so good to me.
Also! If you are Kelly-Marie you won the necklace giveaway from Pretty Little Me! Email me asap :)
life rearranged


  1. That dessert sounds yum-O!! And I love the glasses.

  2. I love the glasses. I always make my husband come with me when I choose new glasses. I wear them all the time, so I want them to be right!

  3. LOVE the new glasses! I am going to get a new pair soon, too...I can't wait! My current pair have a crack down the middle of the right lens...yeah...YAY for contacts. HA!

    Jeremy and Sofia are sooo precious together! And you're absolutely right...hotness. is. daddies.

  4. Hi Danielle!
    Found you through the InstaFriday.
    Cute glasses!! Newest Follower. Come say hi!



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